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Smoking to Lose Weight?

Smoking to Lose WeightSmoking has so many downfalls varying from the smell to deadly diseases. We know and understand the risk and even attempt quitting smoking because of them. Many ex-smokers fail to adapt to a smoke-free life. So many of us give in to the smoking cravings early on in order to avoid too much weight gain.

How does smoking cigarettes control one’s weight?

The number one reason why smoking tends to keep people thin is that it kills your taste buds. We get a lot of pleasure and enjoyment from smelling and tasting food. After the first cigarette, your taste buds start to die. This is often why you will see smokers over seasoning their food. Even then, it is not as enjoyable. Imagine eating plain tasteless oatmeal or some other bland food each and everyday. There is evidence to show that the taste buds do not all come back once you quit smoking. Some researchers suggest that the loss of taste has a physiological component where it may actually change the connections to your brain.

The second reason that smoking maintains weight is that when you inhale nicotine, it acts as an appetite suppressant. When you smoke, the chemicals (over 500 of them, by the way) you inhale tricks the pleasure center of the brain. Instead of filling your body with healthy nutrients that your body needs, you put in chemicals that alter your natural brain chemistry and make you feel satisfied and full.

Eating less is much easier when you cannot taste what you are eating. Imagine having a big plate of spaghetti or your favourite dish. It is a lot harder to walk away when you are full if you cannot fully appreciate all the different flavour in your mouth. After I quit smoking and realised all the real flavour as was missing out on, I never wanted to deny myself the pleasure of the flavours I rediscover after becoming smoke-free.