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Quitting Smoking: Knowing Where to Begin

Are you thinking about quitting the smoking routine and wondering where to begin?

Having a specific plan of action can improve your chances of quitting smoking forever.

A good plan of action is in writing. By not only thinking about quitting, writing it down allows you to analyse your reasoning and to determine all aspects of your quitting smoking regimen including your motivation, your triggers, the barriers preventing your success, and the reasons why you smoke. In your quitting smoking plan, ensure that you include all resources at your disposal, as well as support network that you can benefit from.

Do your research.

Learn what other ex-smokers went through physically, emotionally and physically. Smoking affects your brain composition, it is normal that quitting smoking can affect your emotional well-being. Learn how to deal with the change. Acknowledge your skills, and knowledge that you already have. I am sure you or someone you know has failed at quitting and has shared their experience including their reasons for returning to the habit. Also, write down the times your coping strategies for not being able to smoke. For example, a friend of mine never smoked in front of his parents even as an adult with children of his own. I guess it was a respect thing. However, the point is that this person could spend an entire afternoon visiting with his parents and not smoke. But, this same person could not spend an hour sitting at a restaurant with friends without the need to light up. Draw on your experiences and the experiences of others to stay on the right path. Draw on your strengths and the times that you were able to stay smoke-free for extended amounts of time.

Implement the plan

Now that your plan is established, determine your date and make the change. Once all the hard work of planning is completed, all you have left is to quit smoking. By making a detailed plan in advance, you can refer to it whenever you are feeling weak. The beautiful aspect of creating such a detailed plan is that implementation is just to quit smoking and referring to your plan whenever you are tempted. The plan will help you to achieve your goal. Now, sit back and enjoy a smoke-free life.