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Smoking Cigarettes Smells Gross

As smokers, we often don’t realise the true impact of our actions on others. We are so used to it that we think everyone’s reality is the same as ours. Yes, we notice our thick saliva and sometimes the taste in our mouths after a cigarette is enough to make ourselves sick, but hey isn’t everyone’s reality the same?! The smell is noticeable to everyone after an evening in a bar or closed quarters but why is it that after a while, we no longer notice the daily inconvenient odours that our habit imposes on others. I will not answer the why we don’t notice.

I believe non-smokers are often enablers at perpetuating the problem. If the non-smokers or more importantly everyone advised the filthy smokers about their distasteful smell then I believe smokers would be more sensitised to the issue and be more considerate to others and attempt better hygiene. I mean even a smoker wouldn’t show up to a job interview with tobacco breath so why is it acceptable to interact in society with such unpleasant aroma.

Smokers, listen up! Even if you chew gum, your fingers still smell and from quite a distance. Furthermore, the smell gets imbedded into your clothes, and onto your possessions. Even after you wash your clothes, the smell will stay. Pull out some clothes you haven’t worn in a while and it is even more impressive. Gross. This was probably the most shocking.

How could I have been wearing these clothes and not even notice the offensive smell invading my nostril?

We often think that the smell of the cigarette goes away once the cigarette is extinguished. But, unfortunately this is not the case. If you only smoke outside in breezy areas then perhaps there is some impact, but even then the smell stays on your clothes and on your fingers.

The best fix for eliminating the toxic smell is to stop smoking.

Smoking Makes You Lose Smell and Taste

For some people, eating is what you do when you are hungry, and that’s it. Eating is about filling a void, or more colloquially, putting gas in the tank. It is nothing more than something you do not to feel hungry. For some others, myself included, and perhaps you, eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

I love cooking. I love talking about food, I love looking at food and touching food and of course, eating food. And when I was a smoker, that part of me that appreciates the culinary arts was stunted, like a little tree trying to grow in the shadow of a massive dark building. You see, your sense of smell and taste are intimately linked. Your mouth itself can only distinguish basic tastes – salty, sweet, sour, et cetera. All the actual tasting, the refined aromas of food and wine, come from the nose and your sense of smell.

Unfortunately, smoking cigarettes has the nasty tendency to destroy your sense of smell, as it numbs and ultimately destroys the smell receptors. You didn’t think that you could have all this nasty cigarette smoke going through there with no ill-effects, could you?

One of the first side-effects you will notice when quitting smoking is that your sense of smell, and therefore taste, will come roaring back. I’m not telling you it’ll be as good as new, because depending on the length of your exposure to cigarette smoke, it won’t, but you will be able to appreciate the taste of food and the smell of things like never before.

Losing your sense of smell and taste is only one of the many nasty side-effects of smoking, and one milder ones, if you think that losing twenty percent of your senses to a habit that brings you no benefit whatsoever is acceptable.

Quitting smoking now will bring those senses back to you and let you appreciate life to its fullest, without the numbing cloak of cigarette smoke.