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Cut Down on Sugar Before Quitting Smoking

One of the greatest fears people have about quitting smoking is that they will gain weight in the aftermath of stopping smoking cigarettes. While it is true that many people report a modest weight gain after following a program to quit smoking, the weight gained is in general inconsequential in scope, and its long-term harmful effects pale in comparison to the the deadly consequences of smoking cigarettes.

In general, most new non-smokers will gain only a few pounds after quitting smoking. For almost everyone, this is something that is barely noticeable. Doctors even usually recommend to quit smoking first, and deal with the weight gain – if any – later, as it is comparatively not important.

That being said, there are several things you can do to avoid gaining weight when you quit smoking. The easiest and most effective, by far, is to learn to control your sugar intake before you quit smoking. Sugar, when not used as energy, turns into fat and is the leading cause of obesity in America; cutting down on sugar is a great thing to do for everyone, not just future non-smokers!

It is important to reduce your sugar intake before you quit smoking, as your body will get used to working with less sugar, and expecting a lot less. After a little while, you will no longer get sugar cravings. When you quit smoking, for most people it is very easy to fall into the sugar trap and stuff your face full of sugar as a means of coping with withdrawal. If you’ve already cut your sugar intake, you will no longer have that reflex, greatly limiting the weight gain that might occur as a result of stopping smoking.

Cutting down on sugar before you stop smoking is a great way to avoid the weight gain often associated with quitting smoking, and is a great thing to do, anyways. Your whole body will thank you!