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What are the Symptoms of Quitting Smoking?

It is certain and understood that when you do quit smoking, after having picked a date and having made a firm commitment to quitting smoking, that there will be some symptoms of quitting smoking. The symptoms related to having quit smoking can and do vary from person to person, but as a rule they are generally mild and easy to ignore, if you are in the right state of mind.

The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal that most people seem to report when quitting smoking are cravings. These are seemingly powerful urges to smoke, when you can think about nothing else but smoking and you get that vague feeling of emptiness that your mind convinces you can only be cured by smoking a cigarette. You must resist this urge to start smoking again at all costs, and the reality is that this craving will go away by itself in a few short minutes.

Some other symptoms of having quit smoking are headaches, increased irritability and pasty mouth. These symptoms are, once again, all temporary and will disappear very quickly if you are firm in your decision to become a non-smoker.

The stop smoking headaches you experience are temporary and will go away on their own if left untreated. When you experience headaches, feel free to have an Advil or Aspirin, if you think it will help, but don’t overdo it. In general, just drinking a glass of water and thinking about something else will do the trick.

The irritability you feel when you have just quit smoking is also a natural reaction, and be sure to control it and not let it ruin your day or the day or your loved ones or coworkers! Just tell people around you that you have quit smoking, and to cut you some slack. In a few short days, this annoying symptom of quitting smoking will have disappeared and you’ll be back to your normal happy self!

Another common complaint is the pasty mouth you get when you stop smoking. This symptom is counter-intuitive, since your mouth should feel much happier now that you are not stuffing it with cigarette smoke! Nonetheless, if you get that symptom, just have a sip of water and go about your day.

Learn to Deal with Stop Smoking Symptoms

There are many symptoms associated to quitting smoking. You know what those symptoms are, because everyone and anyone that you have told about quitting smoking will have told you what symptoms to expect, especially smokers that have failed at quitting. They will certainly try to justify their own failures by telling you how all those quit smoking symptoms were horrible and impossible to deal with.

Well, have I got news for you. If you decide that those symptoms are horrible and you let yourself be convinced of that by other people, you better believe that they will be too much to bear! If you convince yourself that you won’t be able to do it because of various symptoms, then you will fail. It’s as simple as that.

I have a suggestion for you. Quit smoking and see for yourself what those symptoms are, and decide for yourself, like a big boy – or girl – what you can and can not deal with. And you’ll be surprised at the answer!

The reality of quitting smoking is that physical symptoms, mild as they are, last only about 2 or 3 weeks at the very most. After 3 weeks, no more symptoms. And even then, they are only symptoms if you decide that they are! Smoking cigarettes is not a natural thing, and your whole body will be very glad to be rid of such a gross habit. It’s only a tiny part of your brain, the junky that’s addicted to nicotine that will bemoan the loss of cigarettes. Your lungs will feel better, and your heart will be jumping for joy!

The symptoms of quitting smoking are temporary and will disappear on their own in a few short weeks. And remember that they are only as bad as you decide they will be!