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Replace Smoking Cigarettes with Healthy Snacks

Quitting smoking can be dreadful. You get headaches, you get anxious, and obviously you get cravings. While we all tend to replace one habit for another as a coping mechanism, it is also the reason some people go back to being a smoker. This time make it the last time you attempt to quit and actually become the non-smoker you aspire to be. Follow my simple advice, and you will be successful without the fuss, without the weight gain which is usually a driving factor in people’s decision to revert back to a smokers lifestyle.

In order to be successful, you must create an environment that allows for your success. You must create the optimal setting to avoid sabotaging your efforts.

Cravings are natural, especially in a high stress environment. These days’ pharmaceutical companies are marketing habit replacement tools that actually perpetuate your addiction by keeping the hand to mouth motion in your conscious. Instead, why not try to actually rid yourself of the physical habit. For me, I always found my weakness to be at the office. So when I first quit smoking, I felt anxious when my habitual cigarette breaks time crept back. In order to cope and maintain my figure I came up with a handy, healthy trick. I brought snacks to the office. I cut up bite sized pieces of carrot sticks, celery to keep my hands busy and to distract myself until the craving passed. The celery was especially useful because the crunchy texture was enough to satisfy the craving without any calories. Almonds and apples were also a favourite. Raw almonds contain no salt but have a lot of natural fat in them so don’t go crazy with them but they do provide enough of fix to make it through rough times. Any type of bite size food will do, you should be careful of excessive fat, salt or sugar though.

And if ever your day time schedule does not allow for snacking, you could also try chewing sugarless gum. By simple keeping your mouth occupied to will quickly forget that you ever were a smoker, and in no time at all you will have disdain for those un-evolved smokers that have not seen the light like you have. Quitting is easy as long as you use these healthy tips to ensure your success!