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After you Quit Smoking, Throw Out your Lighters and Ashtrays

May West said, ‘’I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it’’. This is especially true with psychological and physiological addiction. It is true that in your quest for absolution you may give in to temptation, you will resume your previous lifestyle and cigarette habit. Each step we take towards success is a step in the right direction, even if we don’t get it right immediately. Even after years of being a non-smoker, I know of people that smoke one cigarette at a party or after dinner with friends only to go back to smoking full-time. Temptation is all around but in today’s society it is becoming much less available and much less convenient to be a smoker.

In order to reduce the temptation, throw away all your cigarettes and matches, and hide your lighters and ashtrays. By doing this, you will eliminate the constant reminder of what was once considered a pleasurable pass time. This simple act will significantly affect your chances of being successful. It is normal to have cravings, especially when positive memories have been created surrounding smoking. Sometimes, it happens to me when I am feeling stressed at the office, I crave a cigarette so badly that I can actually feel my saliva changing and can almost taste my favourite cigarette brand in my mouth. But, by not having cigarettes in my environment, it allows me to fight off the craving and resume my day.

My Friday cigarette right after work was the most enjoyable. I would get home a little after 5pm, pour myself a reasonable glass of red wine and light up. So smooth so enjoyable. So after I quit, I made sure to follow my own advice. I threw away all the cigarettes obviously, but I also got rid of the matches and even threw up the lighters and ashtrays. So even though my Friday ritual had changed slightly, I was still able to decompress without being tempted by cigarettes. Cheers to a better life!