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After Quitting Smoking, Listen to Audio Books in the Car

The habit of smoking is one that is usually so deeply ingrained in some smokers that it is impossible, or at the very least extremely difficult for some new non-smokers to get rid of them. For example, smoking cigarettes in the car when driving is a habit that is very hard to break. This is even more so due to the fact that in general, driving is pretty boring and you have a lot of time to think in do nothing, especially if you have a long commute and spend a large part of it stuck in traffic.

The obvious way to combat this, at least at the very beginning, is to find an alternative mode of transportation, such as public transportation. Unfortunately, if you live in the suburbs, this might not be a viable option. You could also either ride with someone else, in their car where smoke is not welcome, or have them in your car, with the clear understanding that they will not tolerate your smoking cigarettes.

In many cases, both these options will also be unfeasible. But what to do? You still need to get to work, and you need to commute. What are your option to avoid temptation as long as possible? The answer I have is very simple, and will work for the majority of people. I recommend listening to a different radio station than usual. If you usually listen to music or morning shows, find a station that carries scientific reports or in-depth news items. This will be a lot more engaging than regular music, and will make your car ride different enough from the usual to help break your cigarette addition.

As part of a program to quit smoking, you may also want to listen to books on tape – make likely MP3 these days! These books can be anything, from fiction, historical literature to an engaging science fiction or fantasy series.