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Smoking Allows Me to Take Breaks

One of the many reasons that people give, when asked why they still smoke cigarettes, is that it forces them to take breaks in their day, and thus smoking cigarettes helps them relax. This is wrong on several levels, but for smokers, it is the truth. Smoking cigarettes indeed forces them to take regular breaks during the day; this breaks up the days and makes them go quicker, as they are punctuated by regular and recurring intervals.

The first thing to realize is that nicotine does not calm, it excites. In conjunction with caffeine, it is the staple breakfast of a great many smokers and will certainly help them start their day with energy, if not vivacity. To think that cigarettes actually relax when their chemical composition indicates that they do exactly the opposite is interesting. Obviously, it is something else that helps you relax. Perhaps it is taking regular, deep breaths, for a period of approximately 5 minutes?

Many smokers believe that if they didn’t smoke, they would not take breaks at work. They have observed non-smoking colleagues, and have come to that conclusion. While it is true that non-smokers take less breaks, it does not mean that they are not relaxed and apt at doing whatever their jobs require, to the contrary. Maybe a non-smoker will take a trip to the water fountain and drink a glass of water quietly, over a few minutes, in silent contemplation. The goal of regular breathing and of 6the “break” is accomplished, all without ingesting actual poison in your lungs, like cigarette smokers do, all the time.

Smokers believe that their tobacco habit punctuates their day, and marks breaks at regular occurrences. It is true that it does indeed perform that function, but it takes very little effort to see how that can be replaced by an non-harmful activity that could even contribute to your productivity or to your ongoing efforts to become nicotine-free.