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Quit Smoking to Regain Stamina and Sexual Energy

Quit Smoking and Regain StaminaIt is true that we all adapt our lives to our own fitness levels to accomplish whatever we choose. I have seen a man one hundred pounds overweight climb a flight of stairs quicker than a skinny woman. However, when it comes to smoking the effects to your fitness level and stamina are shocking. Even people who are normally active notice a huge increase in their energy levels and specifically to their sexual appetite and stamina after quitting smoking. Once you figure out how to quit smoking, you will find that your stamina is increased significantly.

Why does this happen? Well, the first reason is psychological: when you become a non-smoker you feel more attractive. Once you quit, you no longer carry around with you the smell of nicotine, evidence on your teeth, clothes and possessions, nor the smell of defeat at managing your life in a healthy way. The confidence that you exude will be apparent to those around and they will be more attracted to you leading to increased confidence and increased sexual desire.

Stamina is not merely a luxury, nor is it irrelevant for the average Joe. The benefits of increased stamina will be seen in your marriage, in your relationships with friends and family and will allow you to spend active time playing with your kids.

Stamina is also shown to increase after quitting smoking because your body is more able to sustain the effort required. Within the first couple hours of quitting, the oxygen levels in your body return to normal, within 72 hours your lung capacity returns to normal, and within a couple of weeks your circulation returns to normal among other physical effects that occur physically. It is obvious that when you are normal out of breath after minimal exertion that the desire will return.

Quit smoking forever and live a more fulfilled life.