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Right Time to Quit Smoking

Whatever anyone else says, the right time to quit smoking is now. There really is no alternative, although I know from personal experience that you will try to convince you of a million excuses why you should not quit smoking now, why some other time would be a better time to quit smoking.

If you are asking yourself whether now is the right time to quit smoking, then it is. It means that you have, in your mind, decided to make a positive change in your life, a change away from poison, loss of stamina, bad breath, disease and overall grossness.

When the decision is taken to quit smoking, you must pick a date and stick to it. It really doesn’t matter if your quit smoking date is tomorrow of three months from now. What counts is that once the decision is made, it is irrevocable. I can guarantee you that the closer you get to your quit smoking date, the more the little nicotine devil in your head will whisper to you that it is not the right time, maybe you should push off the date and put off your life-changing event.

If you let him decide the course of your life, there will never be a right time to quit smoking. Winter will be too cold, summer too hot and work too stressful to stop smoking. All those things will always be the case, and a thousand others. You must ignore the nico-demon in your head and do the logical thing: quit smoking as soon as possible, at the time of your choosing.

The right time to quit smoking is whenever you decide that you have had enough. Don’t let yourself be convinced otherwise, and you will live a longer, happier and more active life, free of the crushing shackles of cigarettes.