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Increase Peer Pressure to Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes

There are many components to a successful attempt at quitting smoking cigarettes. Your own desire to be free of the nicotine demon is first and foremost; having a good method and applying it rigorously is also crucially important. An aspect that is often overlooked when quitting smoking is your social network. The social network, meaning friends, family and co-workers can play an integral part into your success at quitting smoking.

Your social network has an important job to play in your success at finally becoming a non-smoker, and its function is two-fold.

First and foremost, your social network is a circle of people who care about you, your well-being, financial and physical health, and so forth, so they will be there to support you when the going gets rough, if it ever does. You can call them at any time to tell them what’s on your mind, and they will be supportive. If you have a relapse, you’ll have someone to count on and support you in your continued efforts to become a non-smoker. Once you have told them of your quit date, you can count on them not to smoke in your face or place you in uncomfortable situations, as far as smoking goes.

The second aspect of the importance of your social network is peer pressure. Once you have told every one you know that you are quitting smoking tobacco on a certain date, there is a certain pressure on you to live up to your word. If you fail, you will not only fail yourself, which is bad enough, but you will also fail in the eyes of everyone you’ve told. Of course since they are your friends and family, they will not think any less of you for failing, but notwithstanding that, you will want to make sure to make them proud.

On Quitting Day, Count on your Social Network

So the big day has finally arrived. The day on which you will finally throw off the shackles of addiction, for good this time! You have planned your day perfectly; you have thrown away the night before, after one last cigarette, all your smoking paraphernalia, remaining cigarettes and lighters. You are ready, finally, to begin a new life as a non-smoker, not inhered or slowed down by the regular ingestion of poisonous fumes in your lungs and through them, of nasty toxins in every molecule of your body.

One of the most powerful tools you can and definitely should be able to count on, on the day that you quit smoking and in the following days and weeks, is your support network. Who or what is your support network? Your support network is everyone you know that cares about you and that is genuinely interested in your success in your endeavour to stop smoking cigarettes for good. Any good stop smoking program will rely heavily on your support network, as it is your most valuable asset in your fight to quit smoking.

Make sure that all the members of your support network are aware of the day on which you are to quit smoking. This will allow them to brace themselves to help. They will be available for you to call and count on should you need moral support – only YOU can quit smoking – and if they are a little organized, will have planned your quit smoking date down to the minutest detail with activities that will not leave you a minute to think, thus avoiding unnecessary temptation.

Your program to stop smoking should certainly involve your support and social network as much as they are willing to be used. Your friends, family and to a certain extent co-workers are the people that should care about you the most on this earth, and have an interest in keeping you around the longest possible. Rely on them.

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

So you’ve decided to quit smoking. You have done your research. You are ready. You have decided to quit cold turkey. While quitting cold turkey implies going at it alone, it does not mean that you won’t need help. Quitting cold turkey means that no prescription drugs will be used and no gradual reduction with is applied. Congrats!

Now, how are going to succeed? Got any tricks/wisdom up your sleeve?

Many people regard quitting cold turkey as the only way with personal triumph or personal credit attached. And while this may be true for some, every person who quits regardless of the method needs support and needs tools to succeed. So you’ve stopped smoking, and the only thing left to do is not smoke. Your method simply involves an on-off switch. You were a smoker and now you are not. Each day you do not smoke is an accomplishment.

In order to be successful, you must fully commit to stopping smoking. Smoking cessation is effective only if you have the willpower, desire, and the support. In my opinion becoming smoke free for good is least effective when this method is used. Statistics show that quitting cold turkey is just as effective as any other method. But, in my experience and with those that I know, quitting cold turkey was not very effective as a permanent solution for smoking cessation. For me, even if I was able to quit cold turkey for several years, I always came back to the poison.

Cold turkey quitting involves hard work. But it’s worth it. Make sure you surround yourself with a positive, supportive network. Make sure you change your habits. Often, quitting smoking cold turkey is effortless. Success can be yours if you persist in your efforts.

Make the decision and stick to it!

Have a Stop Smoking Buddy

Despite its social component, smoking is a very private and solitary act. Everything happens between the cigarette and you are caused by yourself and no other; there is no way to project blame for your death-daring habit than at yourself. And just as the decision and the act of smoking are private and personal, so is the decision to quit. Trying to quit when you are forced by events or by someone else are almost always doomed to failure, as the element of willpower that is always required when stopping smoking – even if only to coldly decide not to smoke – is a crucial element that can not be brought in by outside sources.

Strangely enough, one of the most powerful things you can do to make sure that you will succeed at quitting smoking is to somehow convince a friend or family member to quit at the same time as you, assuming you still have family members or friends with that disgusting cigarette habit.

There are several advantages to having a friend quit smoking cigarettes at the same time as you. The most obvious one is that you’ll have someone to share your success with someone who is going through more or less the same thing as you are. You’ll have someone to call when you get cravings and you want to talk with someone who knows what you’re going through.

The disadvantage is that their success, and more importantly failures, will reflect on you. If your quitting buddy fails, you’ll have to be very strong to avoid the trap of failing right along with him or her, thinking that you’ll try quitting together later down the road.

Overall, it is clear that having a friend or family member quit smoking cigarettes at the same time as you is a great plan, and should be sought whenever possible, but you should not let the lack of a quitting buddy hold you back.