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Smoking and Pregnancy, Like Oil and Water

I always knew that I didn’t want to be one of those smoking moms. But, children were a distant plan for me until I met the right person. And once that happened, I almost immediately began to nurture the thought of being a non-smoker. I also was equipped with the lessons learned from other failed attempts at quitting smoking. Stopping smoking can be slightly stressful both on the body and on the mind. I certainly did not want to expose my unborn child to that trauma. The desire to become pregnant and have a healthy child was my driving force.

For me, in order to ensure that I was in the clear, I wanted to be a non-smoker for at least a year before beginning to contemplate having children. So my motivation was ingrained. And after that it became simpler and simpler to remain smoke-free. Each relapse would delay my happiness and my fulfillment, so it became unacceptable. Each cigarette I smoked after I made the decision to have babies was heartbreaking. Smoking became disgusting. Smoking became the symbol for what I didn’t want. Smoking was coming between me and my desire to have children.

Although I felt the severe cravings, although I felt grumpy and had trouble sleeping, I knew that smoking was no longer a habit I could indulge in. Pregnancy was my motivation. My unborn children were the reason I needed to succeed. My success at quitting smoking was directly related to my pregnancy timeline. Failure was not an option. The price was too high.

Smoking while pregnant leads to premature births, and lower birth weight, and lung concerns throughout their lives. When you smoke, so does your baby. Also, using nicotine cessation programs while pregnant still affects your baby negatively. Those drugs enter the blood stream. Do you want to poison your baby with the same toxic elements that you are ingesting?

Pregnancy should be enough motivation to quit smoking forever. I know it was for me.