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Quit Smoking Options

Congrats, you have decided to quit smoking. Smoking puts a drain on your cash flow, causes shortness of breath, wheezing, yellow teeth, and an overall bad smell on your body and clothes. Your first step is to decide how to quit smoking. There are many methods to quitting. What are your options?

The common aspect of any quit smoking program is having a support network. While there are many programs available to stop smoking, choose the one that is most suitable to your lifestyle and your life.

Quitting smoking cold turkey

Many people try to quit smoking cold turkey. The statistics claim that the success rate is comparable to all other methods of quitting smoking. However, of all the people I have met that have quit smoking cold turkey have resumed smoking after a short period. The problem with quitting cold turkey is that it does nothing to address the underlying issues. If you quit cold turkey, do not be fooled into believing that you will be able to change from a smoker to non-smoker without any side effects. When quitting cold turkey, you must address the issues that led to the behaviour.

Quitting smoking using patches

The logic behind quitting smoking using patches is that it allows for a progressive elimination of nicotine from your blood stream. This method of stopping smoking allows you to focus on eliminating the psychological dependence while the patches work by slowly riding your body of the nicotine and physiological dependence.

Stopping smoking using Pills

Stopping smoking using pills is effective. The advantage of quitting smoking using pills is that they do not require anything special. All quitting smoking program require the desire to follow through with the quitting smoking process, and this method is not an exception. However, quitting smoking using pills is effective because they take away the desire to smoke and allow for a smoother transition from a state of smoker to non-smoker.

There are many methods to quit smoking. Pick the one that will lead to success. Smoking is becoming more and more difficult. People who smoke are seen as weak and the ability to smoke in public is decreasing. Quit today!