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Weight Gain when you Quit Smoking: Can you Ignore it?

It is a well known fact that when you quit smoking cigarettes, there are some good chances that you will gain a few pounds. For some people, the weight gain will be quite significant, while for others, the increase in mass will be barely noticeable, if it is even there at all. The reasons why stopping smoking can make you gain weight are many-fold, however, the most common is that your body needs to regain normalcy after years of nicotine consumption. Nicotine will alter your metabolism to some degree, and its sudden withdrawal can lead to weight gain as your body processes nutrients differently.

The most common reason for weight gain after quitting smoking is not your metabolism, however. It is you. When you stop smoking, you will find that your hands are very much idle, and will not only crave nicotine from the withdrawal symptoms, but you will discover just how powerful habits are.

The odds are that you will try to occupy your idle hands and your mouth with food. Since in the Western world, almost every available snack it extremely sweet, extremely fat or extremely salty – sometimes a combination of all three in one! – you will find yourself consuming great quantities of sweets you did not eat before.

This can lead to an increase in body mass. So what can be done to prevent weight gain when quitting smoking? The easiest thing to do is nothing. The great majority of people will not be hurt by gaining a few pounds, and it is much, much better for your health to have a few extra pounds than to be smoking.

Of course, this is for people that can either afford to gain a few extra pounds, or do not care overly about it. Remember to keep your eyes on the ball: nothing is more important than quitting smoking. Do not let yourself be undone by a little belly fat!