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Does Olivia Wilde Smoke Cigarettes?

Olivia Wilde, also known as ’13’ plays a sultry bisexual temptress on House, and even though she’s a gifted physician who also has Parkinson’s Disease, she seems pretty well balanced. Now we find pictures of this gorgeous woman smoking cigarettes! What would ’13’ think? Those things are disgusting!

Olivia Wilde Smoking Cigarettes

Olivia Wilde Smoking Cigarettes

This square-jawed beauty also appeared in the flop… I mean… block-buster Tron – the remake of course, where she played a computer woman than inexplicably leaves the machines and gets to the real world. Fun for the hero, but strange.

Anyways, I guess this picture was taken so that she could work on her image; she can get away with the hat, but the cigarette is a little too much.