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Does Odette Yustman Smoke Cigarettes?

Also known as Dr. Jessica Adams – she’s not a doctor, she just plays one on TV! – Odette Yustman is smoking hot. Now, the question as to whether she smokes cigarettes, there are no highly credible pictures of her smoking, but I did find one, and if you look carefully you’ll see that she’ s clearly holding a cigarette.

Odette Yustman Smoking a Cigarette

Odette Yustman Smoking a Cigarette

Odette Yustman is the second one from the left, and in her hand is a cigarette. Now I’m not saying that she’s smoking, merely that she’s holding an almost completely smoked cigarette. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Or it may be that this is not Odette Yustman at all, merely someone that looks like her. What do you think? Check out more Odette Yustman facts and trivia here.