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What to Expect When You Quit Smoking

Most smokers entertain the dream of quitting smoking, but all are afraid to commit to quit smoking. They are afraid of many things, but mostly afraid that they will fail at quitting smoking. To quit smoking, there are certain things that you should know that will enhance you chances of being successful at quitting smoking, but also make the whole quitting process easier.

You must know and believe that you, personally, are fully able to quit smoking, like millions of Americans do every year. There is nothing special about your personal addiction to nicotine that makes it so that it is impossible for you to quit smoking. Just knowing this irrefutable fact will make everything much easier.

When you finally decide to quit smoking, you must pick a quit smoking date and stick with it. No excuses, no exceptions. No matter which method you choose to quit smoking, and especially if you use nicotine replacement therapy, you must not smoke cigarettes after your quit smoking date.

You must know that you will experience nicotine cravings. These cravings are common to those who quit smoking, but they are not nearly as bad as you think, as long as your mind it made up that you are actually quitting smoking cigarettes! Just hang in there, change your mind by munching on a low-calorie snack or a drink of water, and it will be gone in a few minutes.

If you quit smoking intelligently, and do not gorge yourself with food at every occasion, you will not gain weight. The idea that you will gain weight when you quit smoking is ridiculous. Just stick to your low-calorie snacks and you will be a thin non-smoker.

When you quit smoking, be prepared to have a lot of energy to spend! You may find that you want to exercise more, perhaps walk or even practice a sport! Jump on these occasions while they pass, and you will exchange a soul-sucking and stamina-destroying habit for one that will enhance your quality of life more than you can possibly imagine!