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Cigarettes made of Pipe Tobacco? Gross, and only in New York!

Disgusted with the insane taxes on cigarettes that have afflicted New York City in the last decade or so, innovative New Yorkers have begun rolling cigarettes out of pipe tobacco, which is much less taxed. In the original Reuters story (click here to read it), some douchebag ‘Occupy Wall Street’ dude is given as an example, having moved from $4.50 a pack in Florida all the way to $14 a pack in New York.

Cigarette Taxes in New York

Cigarette Taxes in New York

Who’s paying for your smokes, you disgusting hippie? Your parent’s money? Welfare? Our money? Some sort of benefit or entitlement? Get lost and then get a job you maggot!

Sorry about that.

The point is that there is direct relation with tax rates and the amount of money it raises. If you raise it too high, you reach a point where it becomes real profitable to be a smuggler, and the overall revenue drops because of smuggling. This is true of all taxes, by the way, not just cigarette taxes. You also spend increasing amounts of money on policing and enforcing, making the high taxes just an excuse for enforcement.

Of course, in many instances there are another supposed goal to higher taxes, which is to reduce the number of people who smoke. This is insanely hypocritical. If cigarettes are bad, just ban them outright (and I believe that they’re REAL bad for you, by the way). Having high taxes is just another excuse to dip into our pockets, or in this case the pockets of smokers, so that governments have more of OUR money with which to buy votes.

I think that pipe tobacco is absolutely disgusting, but if I were addicted to nicotine, and smoking pipe tobacco was the only way to get my fix, you’d better be sure that I’d be rolling and smoking that stuff like it’s going out of style… and in New York, it probably is, because elected officials can’t stand people getting around their laws and endless regulations, and doing it legally at that. Go, New York! Keep rolling and keep smoking! And keep visiting my website!