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Did Michael Douglas Smoke Cigarettes?

UPDATE August 3rd, 2011

According to People.co.uk, our friend Michael Douglas has been seen smoking what suspiciously looks like a hand-rolled cigarette, and that only a few months after ‘winning’ his battle with an advanced form of throat cancer.

Well, he probably figures that he’s already got cancer cells in him, so its not cigarettes that’re gonna make that problem worse. I don’t think it looks super smart, but I’d be honestly hard-pressed to say what I’d do in his stead.

Or maybe we’ve got it all wrong; he wasn’t smoking a cigarette, it was a harmless marijuana joint! Who knows. I’m sure it wouldn’t be his first dance with Mary Jane.



Michael Douglas attributes his recent throat cancer to years of drinking and smoking, and most experts agree that he’s most probably right. While smoking cigarettes usually causes lung cancer, Michael Douglas has a long history of smoking cigars, which are not inhaled and may have contributed to his recent traumatic experiences.

Michael Douglas Smoking Cigarettes

Michael Douglas Smoking Cigarettes

We know that Michael Douglas has learned a valuable lesson from this experience, but apparently his distraught wide has not, as she has been seen smoking in New York recently. One can only hope that she realizes the error of her ways before it’s too late!