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Madonna Smoking Cigarettes: Fact or Fiction?

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes has been in the news lately, mostly because she was seen smoking a cigarette. It certainly wasn’t to boost her burgeoning entertainment career, although it could certainly use it. Madonna, of course, sharply denounced her daughter’s smoking, portraying herself as a ‘normal’ mother concerned about her brood’s well-being. While I’m certain that she cares (a little, at least), Madonna has been using tobacco for years and years to promote herself, mostly through the associated sexuality. Check out this picture:

Madonna Smoking Cigarettes

Madonna smoking a cigarette

Lecturing her daughter about smoking can be difficult when pictures like this one are all over the internet. Moreover, I read an article in which she dismissed the cigarettes she was holding as a ‘prop’, which may well be true, but denotes that she condones their use as a marketing ploy, at the very least. There is no doubt that the Material Girl abandoned her cigarette smoking years ago: she’s too much of a health nut to be a real smoker. On another topic, now would probably be a good time for her to start aging gracefully.

Nice way to give mixed messages to your kids, Madonna. Now make sure the little kicks the habit before it’s too late!