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Smoking Kills Your Motivation to get in Shape

Smoking cigarettes is for many smokers a self-fulfilling prophecy. You know that your smoking habit leaves you breathless and out of shape, and because it does, you have absolutely no motivation to get up from the couch, leave the ashtray and its nasty burning rubbish and start getting in shape.

The more you smoke, the more you are breathless, wheezing and easily tired. And the more you smoke, the less you have the motivation to move, and thus get rid of those symptoms. Unfortunately, smoking has more that a psychological on your health. It has a real physical impact, and while certain people will be able to perform sports while being smokers, they are performing far below their potential, and for most people, smoking cigarettes and playing sports are mutually exclusive propositions.

The effects of quitting smoking are immediately apparent in terms of physical performance. When I was a smoker, climbing three flights of stairs was exhausting and I would do anything to avoid it, even wait for the noisy and accident-prone elevator! Just a few days after quitting, I could climb those stairs without even thinking about it!

The point is that when you are physically exhausted at the mere thought of climbing a few flights of stairs, then imagining your participation in any sport, let alone one that involves cardiovascular effort, is dreadfully painful, if not impossible to contemplate!

I know that smoking cigarettes crush all hope, motivation and desire to get in shape. It’s like imagining that to be in shape, you have to be able to climb a twenty-foot ladder, but you don’t have the energy to even get your foot on the first rung! Taking that into consideration, it is difficult to see yourself at the top of the ladder, isn’t it?

Don’t get sucked in by the evil self-fulfilling prophecy of cigarette smoking. Break the circle, bust loose and you won’t believe what you’ll be able to accomplish in a short time!