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Breaking News! E-Cigarettes can have as much Nicotine as the Real Thing!

According to recent studies first reported in the Swiss online news source thelocal.ch, E-Cigarettes can have just as much nicotine as real cigarettes, and twice as much as traditional quit smoking methods, like nicotine patches and gum. What’s really fascinating about this is that they are actually treating this like real news, much like CNN did when it reported that Saddam Hussein got 99% of the vote in pre-invasion Iraqi elections. Come on!

E-Cigarettes can contain as Much Nicotine as Real Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes can contain as Much Nicotine as Real Cigarettes

Anyone that thinks that they should use E-Cigarettes to quit smoking is an idiot, and any company that pushes E-Cigarettes as a quit smoking method should be severely blamed. If you quit smoking cigarettes and switch over to E-Cigarettes, all you’ve done is change your nicotine delivery system. Instead of giving your money to a tobacco company, you’re giving it to somebody else.

Everyone is trying to get on the nicotine bandwagon, and who can blame them? It’s addictive, not terribly damaging to your health (the nicotine, not the tobacco!), its dirt cheap, and people like it, and oh yeah…. IT’S ADDICTIVE!

Don’t get me wrong. Whatever way you chose to quit smoking cigarettes, and that works, was the right way. But don’t think that you’re breaking an addiction when you switch to E-Cigarettes, because you’re not.

If you know anything, you’ll know that one of the hardest habits to break, as far as smoking goes, is the behavioral component. Holding something in your hands. Puffing on something. You know the drill. The fact is that E-Cigarettes take advantage of decades of conditioning on your part, and replace the smoking stick with another one that burns (or ‘vaporizes’) something of theirs, instead, so they get to take your money.

I would love to patent and market ‘Stop Smoking Sugar Free Candy Bars’. Just put plenty of nicotine in them, and people would flock to them, and more importantly, KEEP FLOCKING, because nicotine is ADDICTIVE! I’d be rich, and I could stop writing about quitting smoking! But I wouldn’t, because I like pointing out the insanity around me.

Oh yeah. Check out the original news story about the nicotine content of E-Cigarettes. Notice the breathless surprise!