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What Smoking Really Does to Your Body

By now, everyone should know that smoking cigarettes, or any tobacco product, is very unhealthy and damaging to your body in the long run, and that looking to quit smoking is the only reasonable thing to do. But what does smoking cigarettes do to your body, really? You know cigarettes cause, or greatly aggravate heart disease, as well as a number of lung ailments, but what, and how?

Smoking cigarettes hardens the walls of the main arteries that bring blood to and from your heart. This makes them more fragile and likely to cause complications, and also heightens your risks of heart attack. Moreover, ingesting poisonous smoke, i.e. tobacco smoke, reduces the amount of oxygen that your red blood cells can carry to your muscles and organs, making them tire more quickly and contributing to a general sense of lack of fitness.

As far as your lungs go, every long term smoker knows that his or her lungs take the brunt of the assault of cigarettes. If you’ve been coughing up brown or black lung oysters (sorry about the image) then you know what cigarette smoke is doing to your lungs. Over time, your lung capacity will degrade, and eventually (a whopping 50% chance!) you will develop one or several deadly lung ailments, such as emphysema, lung cancer, throat cancer, and more.

None of this is good for you, and studies show that 50% of smokers will die from their habit. If you quit smoking now, your chances of developing any of these conditions drop dramatically, and you will practically be back to the odds of a non-smoker a short 10 years after quitting smoking.

If you’ve ever considered the option to quit smoking instead of continuing to poison yourself, I heartily encourage you to carry through, using whatever method works for you. Your life, and more importantly your quality of life are at stake.