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Bust Cravings in 5 Minutes or Less

Smokers and ex-smokers alike can all relate to the nagging feeling of a craving. Whether you are trying to quit or simply trying to incorporate delay tactics everyone can benefit from 5 minute craving busters. Cravings begin to kick in as soon as you put out your cigarette. Smoking intervals are different for most people. But, it is not always obvious to sneak out for a smoke break. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to breeze through the cravings? We’re here to help you bust through your cravings in under 5 minutes.

The easiest way to get through a craving is to go for a mental holiday. This quick craving buster does not require any special equipment, and is not time consuming. This may seem silly at first, and you may have to fight the temptation to laugh or not follow through. Visualisation is a proven relaxation technique that has been used for many applications. Try it and you will see for yourself. Picture your happy place, visualise your child’s first steps or a simpler time in your life. This technique takes less than five minutes and is sure to get you through the craving.

Call a friend. When quitting smoking, relapses are a recurring reality. Having a dependable support network or specific person, you know that you can count on any time you are feeling weak is crucial. Knowing that someone has your back, knowing that someone cares whether or not you succeed is valuable. But, obviously it is your goal primary goal not there’s.

Go for a walk. Cravings are a pain. When quitting smoking walk at a brisk pace for five minutes. This is a quick technique that helps to change your thought patterns and can quickly distract you from the desire to smoke. Walking provides an escape from your current environment and provides you with increased oxygen to your lungs.

Take deep breathes. Often the benefit we perceive from smoking is actually caused by the forced deep breaths we take when inhaling. So instead of inhaling toxic chemicals, try just taking deep breaths. You will see that you will feel relaxed quickly and return to a calm state in under five minutes.

5 minutes is all it takes to bust through your cravings. Do you have the time?

What are the Symptoms of Quitting Smoking?

It is certain and understood that when you do quit smoking, after having picked a date and having made a firm commitment to quitting smoking, that there will be some symptoms of quitting smoking. The symptoms related to having quit smoking can and do vary from person to person, but as a rule they are generally mild and easy to ignore, if you are in the right state of mind.

The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal that most people seem to report when quitting smoking are cravings. These are seemingly powerful urges to smoke, when you can think about nothing else but smoking and you get that vague feeling of emptiness that your mind convinces you can only be cured by smoking a cigarette. You must resist this urge to start smoking again at all costs, and the reality is that this craving will go away by itself in a few short minutes.

Some other symptoms of having quit smoking are headaches, increased irritability and pasty mouth. These symptoms are, once again, all temporary and will disappear very quickly if you are firm in your decision to become a non-smoker.

The stop smoking headaches you experience are temporary and will go away on their own if left untreated. When you experience headaches, feel free to have an Advil or Aspirin, if you think it will help, but don’t overdo it. In general, just drinking a glass of water and thinking about something else will do the trick.

The irritability you feel when you have just quit smoking is also a natural reaction, and be sure to control it and not let it ruin your day or the day or your loved ones or coworkers! Just tell people around you that you have quit smoking, and to cut you some slack. In a few short days, this annoying symptom of quitting smoking will have disappeared and you’ll be back to your normal happy self!

Another common complaint is the pasty mouth you get when you stop smoking. This symptom is counter-intuitive, since your mouth should feel much happier now that you are not stuffing it with cigarette smoke! Nonetheless, if you get that symptom, just have a sip of water and go about your day.

Cigarette Smokers are Worse Than Junkies

Many smokers will defend their habit by saying that smoking cigarettes is their only vice. While I appreciate what they mean to say, I sincerely doubt that this is the truth, in most cases.

But thinking logically, what is there to defend, when talking about addiction to nicotine? What are the many advantages of nicotine and of smoking cigarettes that there are to defend? If smokers are so adamant about protecting their right to smoke where they please, and inflict upon us their countless self-justifications, they should be glad to explain what exactly they are defending.

Don’t get me wrong. I was a smoker for two decades, and I’ve done my share of explaining to non-smokers. But the truth is, I was addicted, like all smokers are to nicotine, and I would grasp at any straw, no matter how weak or ridiculous, in an attempt to justify not only to my friends, but to myself, my self-destructive habit!

The sad truth is that there is nothing to defend. You are addicted. The only reason you are smoking a cigarette now is that you smoked another one before. That’s it. And the cigarette you smoke now is the reason you’re going to smoke another one in a few minutes, or in an hour, or tomorrow morning.

Cigarettes do not make you look cool, they make you look weak and addicted. They do not make you smarter, and neither do they make you stronger – to the contrary.

Think of a junkie, someone addicted to heroin. He’s also got a highly destructive habit that’s eventually going to kill him, in all fairness probably much sooner than your cigarettes will kill you. But at least when he shoots up, he gets high. Really, really high. What do you get? You get a few moment’s peace from wanting a cigarette.

That’s it. So why do you smoke?

Light Insence Instead of Smoking Cigarettes

Smoke can be a wonderful thing. Smoke, for example, when seen around a camp fire brings feelings of joy and excitement. When you are awaken from the smoke emanating from your neighbours apartment, it provides the necessary warning to get out the building as quickly as possible. Lighting a cigarette stick and inhaling the toxins, only to blow smoke in the clean air provides absolutely no purpose. The tough guy image is no longer applicable to this addiction and whatever so-called benefit you believe that you are getting are not worth it, I can assure you that. My goal is not to preach, I too smoked for far too long before finally kicking the habit. I am here to provide some insight and helpful hints to stay healthy and life a smoke-free life! So listen up.

Instead of lighting a cigarette and adding a horrible smell into your environment that lingers for a long time, why not light some incense? Lighting incense instead of smoking a cigarette will add a beautiful odour into the air. Many types of incense actually provide relaxation and can stimulate several emotions depending on the aromatic oils imbedded into them.

At the beginning, you may find it useful to light the incense and hold it in your hand. Breathe in and as you exhale blow on the incense to create an intoxicating red colour and additional smoke coming out the stick of incense. Simulating the smoke being expelled from your body will often be enough to stave off temptation. A simple act. Lighting incense is innocent and it also can create a different type of environment: hopeful, erotic, happy, of even sad. Smells can evoke all sorts of feelings. It is your choice. Do you want to let tobacco determine your mood? I don’t think so.

Instead of smoking, light some incense or a fruity candle and get lost in your own imagination. Lighting incense does not need to be the focus either, light the incense and sit back and enjoy the wonderful smells while continuing to life your life.