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Did Clark Gable Smoke Cigarettes?

One of the most recognizable faces in film of all times, Clark Gables starred in over 65 movies in his career, and appeared as an extra in many more. As to the question as to whether he smoked cigarettes, well, he certainly did. This superstar did everything big: drove a 1932 Duesenberg SJ, dated the hottest starlets and of course, smoked three packs of cigarettes a day for his whole life.

Clark Cables Smoking Cigarettes

Clark Cables Smoking Cigarettes

Clark Gable died in 1960 after suffering from a severe heart attack. While it was attributed to his exertions on his last movie, The Misfits, the fact is that smoking three packs a day for decades can’t help, as it contributes to hardening the arteries. Clark Gables was a product of his time; while it was generally understood, even at the time, that inhaling noxious fumes probably wasn’t great for your health, it was widespread and the thing to do.

Thank God times have changed!