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Does Christina Aguilera Smoke Cigarettes?

Christina Aguilera is an American recording artist that by all accounts wears a lot of make-up. But that’s not her only fault, if even fault it is. Some people need it because of bad skin, or other reasons. There have been reports that Christina Aguilera is in fact a smoker of cigarettes, which is a heck of a lot worse than just wearing too much make-up. Even if it’s caked on. Thick.

Christina Aguilera Smoking Cigarettes

Christina Aguilera Smoking Cigarettes

I always try to be an advocate for free choice. Smoking cigarettes or any sort of tobacco product is disgusting, smelly and deadly, but that’s not my problem. Do what you want. It becomes my problem when you encourage my children to smoke through example, or when you ask me to pay for your healthcare.

That being said, Christina Aguilera has never been accused of smoking much, although she did admit to occasional recreational drug use.