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Smoking Cigars is Just as Harmful as Smoking Cigarettes

When you are considering quitting smoking cigarettes, you will often grasp at any straw not to have to contemplate the rest of your life without nicotine. I know, because I’ve been there. So if you are stopping smoking cigarettes, you will convince yourself that it’ll be OK because you’ll still be allowed the odd cigar once in a while.

In fact, smoking cigars is just as dangerous for your health as smoking cigarettes. It’s only saving grace is that in most cases it is not possible to chain smoke cigars, so you will not be smoking just as many cigars as you were smoking cigarettes.

The cigar smoke is not usually inhaled, but rather tasted in the mouth. Of course, as a ex-smoker of cigarettes, you will have the need to inhale the smoke, which is far from ideal, as cigar smoke is much, much raunchier, stronger and more potent than cigarette smoke. This is the first way in which cigars as just as damageable to the health of an ex-cigarette smoker.

While cigarette smoking is known to contribute directly to lung cancer and emphysema, cigar smoking is linked with mouth cancer, throat cancer as well as cancer of the tongue, none of which are pleasant alternatives to lung cancer.

It is clear that society has developed a long-overdue intolerance for cigarette smoking, and that smoking the cigar is very much included in that intolerance, only more so. The strong smell of cigar is extremely offensive to non-smokers, and will not get you a free pass in society!

Smoking cigars is just as harmful to your health as smoking cigarettes; the smoke is more potent, and although it theoretically attacks a different part of your breathing apparatus, its powerful harmful effect will soon be felt. Do not quit smoking cigarettes only to rely on the very doubtful crutch of smoking cigars. They are not a viable option to stopping smoking cigarettes, and will make you a social outcast even faster than smoking cigarettes did.

Smoking Makes you a Social Outcast

Why does someone start smoking? Why someone should chose a lifetime of addiction, of health issues, lack of freedom and impossibility to take life changing decisions?

The fact is that nobody ever told us these things when we started smoking. When you’re young, you never think further than the tip of your nose, and that applies to smoking cigarettes better than to anything else. Chances are you started smoking because you wanted to look older, or perhaps because you wanted to look cool and be part of the ‘in’ crowd. Maybe you began smoking cigarettes because everyone else around you was, and it just seemed like a natural thing to do.

Whatever the reason, as you grow older, you must realize that all those reasons for smoking cigarettes are nothing but smoke and mirrors – sometimes literally! If you thought it would make you look older, well it does: smoking ages you prematurely, hello leathery skin!

But the main reason to start smoking cigarettes, in almost all cases, is out of a need for acceptance. The thing is that as you get older, your wiser friends quit, and as society in general wakes up to the dangers inherent to smoking and inhaling second-hand smoke, smoking cigarettes becomes banned in more and more public places.

Smoking is just not as cool as it was, and nowadays and in many parts of the world, smoking cigarettes makes you a complete social pariah. In the last days of my smoking, I could go to parties with 20 or more people and be the only one there with this deadly addiction! Instead of being a tool of inclusion, smoking has become a marginal and lonely thing, smokers hiding out together like prey.

Whatever social reasoning was behind your decision, or lack thereof, to start smoking, it has surely disappeared by now, as friends, family and acquaintances decide to kick the smelly and deadly habit of smoking cigarettes. Stop being a social pariah and join the ranks of healthy, non-addicted non-smokers!