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After Quitting Smoking, Dress Sharp and Feel Sharp

As you must know by now, smoking is not only an addiction, but also a habit, and very often habits are harder to break than addictions. It is unreasonable to expect anyone to break all habits associated with smoking without developing new ones. What you must make sure of is that you are the one in charge of developing these new habits, and that they are not forced upon you by chance or situations.

Whether you’ve arrived at this conclusion yourself or not yet, you will, so let me give you a shortcut. Cigarettes are nasty, filthy things. They are – literally – little fires that you hold in your hand, giving off smoke and ash and creating smelly butts that must somehow be disposed of. They are gross, and if you smoke for a long time, their grossness will leach on to you, the smoker. No surprise here, right?

The fact is that you can take advantage of this knowledge to create a new habit. Dress sharp and feel sharp. Smell good. You’ll feel like a million bucks! It is a well known fact that your physical appearance influences the way you feel. If you look slovenly and dishevelled, your mind will similarly. Is this what you want?

After quitting smoking, make an effort to work on your appearance. Your new, sharp look will have a more lasting effect than impressing your co-workers: it will give you confidence that you are on the right track. Your new look will influence your mind – I look sharp, I feel sharp, I look clean, I feel clean. As a result, your confidence level will go up, and soon imagining the new you with its snazzy suit holding a cigarette in your hand will feel completely alien and disgusting, which was the point of the whole exercise!