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After Quitting Smoking, You Must Learn to Relax

Smoking. A pleasurable experience. Smoking. Your life long partner. What do you do after you stop smoking? What can you do to satisfy your desires? How do you cope? Those that are trying to quit, as well as those considering it have the same issue, what to do to overcome the cravings and remain smoke-free?

While there is no magical cure or remedy, stopping smoking does require your consent and your willingness. A simple yet effective method of pushing through the cravings is to relax. Yes, it is that simple. Do not give into the temptation, and the longer you abstain you will find the exercise easier and easier.

Try relaxing. Yes, it is that simple. Even children can learn to relax, it is natural and necessary. I am sure you will also be able to function without nicotine. Follow my simple method and you will find the technique will work in all situations. You will be able to relax quickly and deeply and lead a more productive life without the addiction.

First, picture a special place either real or fictional. Hold this image in your mind and you go through the exercise. Now, make yourself limp. What I mean by this is hold your hands at your sides and do not contract your muscles at all. Visualise your perfect place and remove yourself from the present reality. Picture that positive energy flowing through your left hand and up your arm. Picture a calmness moving across your chest and down your right arm and out your right fingers. Remember to breathe deeply inhale from your diaphragm and exhale releasing the energy from the same place. Next, picture that ball of energy travelling into to left foot moving upward all the way to your hips, then returning back down out your right toes. Breathe, inhale, Breathe exhale. Now picture the ball of energy entering your head and taking away all your anxiety and stress. Breathe in, and breathe out. Picture a happy memory or dream getaway as you move the energy throughout your body. As you exhale the last breathe, keep that picture in your mind. I promise this five minute exercise will reenergize and keep you centered throughout the day.

Does Smoking Relieve Anxiety and Depression?

Smoking was a great pleasure for me for many years. As an extremely shy person, the act of smoking allowed me to actively engage with others while sharing a common pass-time. In school, it provided a necessary break from the stress of achieving while being able to bond with my classmates. At the office, I had my smoking buddies, and each day around the same time we would meet outside and catch up.

While smoking cigarettes does not necessarily alter your reality like alcohol or drugs, it does change the chemical composition of your brain. Some may argue that it was the joint social activity that decreases social anxiety and fights depression, for me it felt like it was really the chemical agents and deep breath that kept me sane. Or so I thought.

After quitting, I realised that sanity was possible without nicotine. Yes people, it is possible to live a healthy and happy life without your crutch: cigarettes. In fact, once the withdrawal symptoms subsided it was actually much less stressful without nicotine addiction. While I my daily work-family stress did not change, I had one less thing to worry. As a non-smoker, I no longer had to tailor my schedule around my addiction. Wow, freedom. Without the crutch, I was able to focus on the anxiety and depression and deal with it instead of hiding behind something else. Smoking was in fact only adding to the problem. Why didn’t I listen before now? Wow, what freedom. Although, it can be painful at first, to truly feel life, it was and is worth it. Quit smoking and regain control of your life.

And, what you will realise after a while of being smoke-free is that your altered smokers brain chemistry eventually goes back to your true state. It just takes time. So don’t give up, hang in there and persist in your efforts. Smoking is like a wizard putting a veil over your eyes. Persist in being a non-smoker and you will begin to wonder how you ever were so foolish.