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Smoking Ages You Prematurely

Smoking has horrible effects are our organs, our lives and our skin. Smoking is one of the top reasons for premature aging of the skin, and is avoidable. I remember speaking with my mother several years ago. At the time, she had just turned 50 and her friends had taken her out to lunch. They all sat down, and the waitress came over to greet them. The waitress turned to the group women and said, “How nice it is that you taking out your mother for lunch, she must be really lucky to have children like you”. My mother who is several years younger than that group of women was mortified and saddened by the experience. My mother who had always taken care of herself, following proper skin care regimens, was awakened.

How could a pass-time among teenage friends lead to such a significant appearance of the skin? 

Well, in fact, the tightness of the skin is caused by oxygen and as a smoker; your body does not get enough nutrients. Over time, the cells holding your skin firm die.  

Smokers and non-smokers alike, in fact even children, can distinguish between the face of a smoker and that of a non-smoker. Smoking does not cause laugh lines or natural aging wrinkles caused by a life of memories and experience. Smoking does not cause natural aging indicators. Smoker’s wrinkles are unique to those that engage in the same habit and are self-inflicted in a way. Others signs of premature aging on the skin is definitely the colour. 

Various studies have shown that smoking ages the skin by 20 years. For example the skin of a 50 yr old will resemble that of a 70 yr. old. Other than wrinkles, chronic smokers typically have leathery skin and a yellowish hue.  

Is it worth it to smoke?