Celebrity Smokers

Here’s my list of celebrities who smoke cigarettes, or who have done so in the past. Also included are stars that smoke cigars, as this is hardly better. Just between us, I don’t know why they do it, besides the fact that they are all addicted. All these celebrities have the financial means to hire whatever professional or technique or coach or whatever to help them quit smoking, now and forever.

Well, maybe except Lindsay Lohan, who must certain be down to her last millions by now. Seriously, what does she do for money?

I’ve broken down my list of celebrity smokers into two categories, male and female. I’ll also update their indivual pages as I learn new things about them in regards to their cigarette-smoking or tobacco afficionado status.

Female Celebrity Smokers List:

Male Celebrity Smokers List:

This page, and this list, is in no way an endorsement of those celebrity smokers, and even less so of their disgusting habits. To those who’ve managed to quit smoking, good for you, and keep it up. To the others, man up and stop looking like addicted fools. No one’s impressed.

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