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Smoking Cigarettes Is Very Expensive

We all love to believe that the most important thing in life is to have good health. Objectively, that is absolutely true. Better to be healthy and poor, than rich and sick, or so goes the saying! But when cigarette smoking and tobacco and nicotine addiction are thrown into the mix, all bets are off. Many of the positive effects of being a non-smoker will only be seen many years down the road, while the financial drain of smoking cigarettes is clear and plain to see right now.

The point is, it does not matter what reason you chose to quit smoking. Whatever reason you select, if you quit smoking, then it’s the right one. But it is absolutely undeniable that smoking cigarettes is a financial black hole, black as the tar in your lungs! Smoking cigarettes has become a very expensive addiction, one that is active seven days a week, all day, every day, twelve months a year.

Cigarettes have fallen victim to the new breeds of sin taxes prevalent in many societies, where smokers are being punished and made to pay more and more for their habit. I find this discrimination hypocritical, but if the end result is to convince more and more people to quit smoking, then the ends to justify the means.

Think about the money that smoking cigarettes cost. Let’s say you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. Say a pack costs $8. That’s $3,000 after-tax dollars every year. That means you have to earn $4,000 to $6,000 (depending on your tax bracket) to pay for your habit, and all you’ve done is blow smoke! Over 10 years, that’s $30,000, or more. That sounds like many nice vacations, or a vacation home, or a new car… The list goes on.

Quitting smoking because of financial reasons may not sound nearly as noble as quitting for health reasons, or “for the children”, but it does the trick. We all have our sensitive pressure points, and for many of us, it’s our wallets. Smoking cigarettes is expensive, and quitting smoking will have a great positive effect on your bottom line!