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The Social Pressure to Quit Smoking

Some people seem to revel when under pressure. For most people however, this is a very uncomfortable feeling, to be avoided at almost all costs. It all comes down to your friends, your family and indeed society in general pushing you in a direction you don’t want to go in, but that you feel – because of the pressure – that you can’t avid.

Cigarette smokers have it worst than most. Their habit, once a mainstay of the Western civilization, is now nothing more than an expensive relic that we must bow down to in the name of tradition! Every smoker, and ex-smoker, knows of what I speak. The comments from friends, the reproachful glances and glares from family, and a society more and more open about its dislike of your habit, and you, your habit’s representative and carrier.

Smoking cigarettes is no longer allowed in most restaurants, and even in pubs and nightclubs. It is forbidden to smoke in malls, hotels and in most public places. Some places – and here they go too far – even ban smoking outside!

The pressure just keeps piling on for poor smokers, desperately looking for a quiet place to puff in peace. There is a better solution. Instead of being part of the problem, try being part of the solution. To do that, all you need to do is decide to live a longer, healthier life. Decide to not pollute your living space.

Make the choice not to poison your friends, your family or your children.

Make the choice not to stink when you go to meetings. Make the choice not to be sneered at when you must satisfy your addiction.

Quit smoking now and do all these things. Quit smoking now and save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your life. Don’t take my word for it, do the math yourself. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cigarette Smokers are Worse Than Junkies

Many smokers will defend their habit by saying that smoking cigarettes is their only vice. While I appreciate what they mean to say, I sincerely doubt that this is the truth, in most cases.

But thinking logically, what is there to defend, when talking about addiction to nicotine? What are the many advantages of nicotine and of smoking cigarettes that there are to defend? If smokers are so adamant about protecting their right to smoke where they please, and inflict upon us their countless self-justifications, they should be glad to explain what exactly they are defending.

Don’t get me wrong. I was a smoker for two decades, and I’ve done my share of explaining to non-smokers. But the truth is, I was addicted, like all smokers are to nicotine, and I would grasp at any straw, no matter how weak or ridiculous, in an attempt to justify not only to my friends, but to myself, my self-destructive habit!

The sad truth is that there is nothing to defend. You are addicted. The only reason you are smoking a cigarette now is that you smoked another one before. That’s it. And the cigarette you smoke now is the reason you’re going to smoke another one in a few minutes, or in an hour, or tomorrow morning.

Cigarettes do not make you look cool, they make you look weak and addicted. They do not make you smarter, and neither do they make you stronger – to the contrary.

Think of a junkie, someone addicted to heroin. He’s also got a highly destructive habit that’s eventually going to kill him, in all fairness probably much sooner than your cigarettes will kill you. But at least when he shoots up, he gets high. Really, really high. What do you get? You get a few moment’s peace from wanting a cigarette.

That’s it. So why do you smoke?

Smoking Cigarettes Smells Gross

As smokers, we often don’t realise the true impact of our actions on others. We are so used to it that we think everyone’s reality is the same as ours. Yes, we notice our thick saliva and sometimes the taste in our mouths after a cigarette is enough to make ourselves sick, but hey isn’t everyone’s reality the same?! The smell is noticeable to everyone after an evening in a bar or closed quarters but why is it that after a while, we no longer notice the daily inconvenient odours that our habit imposes on others. I will not answer the why we don’t notice.

I believe non-smokers are often enablers at perpetuating the problem. If the non-smokers or more importantly everyone advised the filthy smokers about their distasteful smell then I believe smokers would be more sensitised to the issue and be more considerate to others and attempt better hygiene. I mean even a smoker wouldn’t show up to a job interview with tobacco breath so why is it acceptable to interact in society with such unpleasant aroma.

Smokers, listen up! Even if you chew gum, your fingers still smell and from quite a distance. Furthermore, the smell gets imbedded into your clothes, and onto your possessions. Even after you wash your clothes, the smell will stay. Pull out some clothes you haven’t worn in a while and it is even more impressive. Gross. This was probably the most shocking.

How could I have been wearing these clothes and not even notice the offensive smell invading my nostril?

We often think that the smell of the cigarette goes away once the cigarette is extinguished. But, unfortunately this is not the case. If you only smoke outside in breezy areas then perhaps there is some impact, but even then the smell stays on your clothes and on your fingers.

The best fix for eliminating the toxic smell is to stop smoking.

Smoking Cigarettes Gives You Bad Breath and Stains your Teeth

Cigarette smoking causes many secondary effects on ourselves and on those around us. However, the two most notable effects on ourselves are bad breath and stained teeth.

The mouth of a regular smoker is never clean for long and rarely as thorough. There are tons of spaces and crevices that a morning brushing misses. And who really has time to floss and polish every morning and every night. Part of the bad breath is caused by this hygiene issue, but the other more common part is in the nature of the habit. Let’s say for example, that the average person smokes 20 cigarettes a day and sleeps 8 hours a night.
That leaves 16 hours and 20 cigarettes. It is likely that most smokers do hold regular jobs and have 2 breaks and a lunch hour. So, that means 3-4 cigarettes max per work shift, what’s left 16 cigarettes. That means before work and in the evening, that average smoker will consume around 16 cigarettes. That is disgusting, but you can now see why so many smokers have terrible breath, how can you expect the mouth to adapt to that environment. If you are still working up to quitting, ensuring you drink eight glasses of water a day will help with the bad breath and help keep our mouth clear of bacteria.

The second big issue with smoking that I mentioned was stained teeth. I used to love getting my picture taken until I started to notice stains on my teeth from excessive smoking. Nicotine stains are the worst. The stains can get between your teeth and into areas that you may miss with your regular cleaning. While regular dentist visits will help with this, it is not always possible to keep your mouth as white as you’d like. Stained teeth give off a negative impression and do not allow you to put you best foot forward. In between dentist visit, try brushing with baking soda to naturally remove the stains at home. But really the best way to keep your teeth white is to quit smoking for good.