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Have a Glass of Juice instead of a Cigarette

Addictions have this funny way of tricking our minds into believing we need something that we don’t. I remember waking up in the morning and before even going to the bathroom or making coffee, I would light up a cigarette. Feeling stressed mid-morning? My solution: going for a cigarette. Feeling that afternoon lag – My solution… you guessed it: go out for a smoke. This is the lazy solution. It prevents rational thought or reason of any kind.

The next time you feel like having a smoke, don’t. Instead of smoking have a tall glass of freshly squeezed or natural juice. But drink it one sip at a time. Between sips of your beverage make sure to take a deep breath in, hold for 2 seconds and then release your breath. This will definitely recharge your batteries in a lasting way. By making actions in a conscious fashion it allows the time for the signals to be sent to your brain to let it know that you are satisfied.

Drinking juice with antioxidants will power up your day and bring lasting effects to your energy level, where as cigarettes will leave you quickly drained. As we all know cravings occur more frequently than our schedules allow for. Reaching for a glass of juice of water will force you to feel full and diminish your cigarettes craving. Also, reaching for a tasty beverage instead of a smoke will taste better and give you valuable nutrients instead of take then away and rot your teeth and bones.

Pick-me-ups come in many forms. Some people enjoy jetting outside for a cigarette doing yoga or going for a run. A quick, easy way to get a pick me up in any season, at any time of the day is by drinking juice. Drinking juice is a great pick-me-up that does not require special equipment or a require a partner. Drinking juice does not have a specified time frame, and can be done while a work. Drinking juice instead of a cigarette for a pick-me-up actually does just that because it does not force you to disrupt your life in order to indulge in a tasty beverage.

So next time you feel drained and want to reach for a smoke, simply pour yourself a glass of your favourite juice and savour.

Don’t Quit Smoking Cigarettes During the Holidays

Quitting smoking cigarettes can be a difficult and stressful endeavour, both physically and mentally, and for those reasons you should try to make things as easy on yourself as possible. Of course, getting rid of the nicotine, which is a source of stress, will help but quitting will be worse, at least at the beginning.

This is why you should set your date to quit smoking cigarettes in a non-stressful time of year, as well as a time of year when avoiding temptation will be easy. Two times of year I do not recommend for quitting are the holidays, and on your own birthday.

The holidays are full of temptation. Even in the best circumstances, if you weren’t trying to quit for instance, the temptation of overeating and drinking too much are everywhere, for an extended period of time. The holidays are a time of feasting and revelry, and not a time for self-control, responsibility and long term thinking. But that’s just me. What I would do – indeed, what I have done – is to quit smoking immediately after the Holidays, for example on the first Monday you return to work after new year. In my case I quit smoking on a Sunday night, after all the holiday hoopla was over. Quitting smoking cigarettes at that time also makes plenty of sense, as the post-Holidays period is usually a time of deprivation, when you try to regain control that was lost during the overindulging of the Christmas and New Year period.

The same goes true of your birthday. Don’t quit on the day of your birthday, you’ll just fail and have a crappy birthday. Just quit a few days later. Not just any day, of course, pick a date and stick to it, but make sure it is soon after your birthday, so you can still celebrate the milestone when it comes around.

Increase Peer Pressure to Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes

There are many components to a successful attempt at quitting smoking cigarettes. Your own desire to be free of the nicotine demon is first and foremost; having a good method and applying it rigorously is also crucially important. An aspect that is often overlooked when quitting smoking is your social network. The social network, meaning friends, family and co-workers can play an integral part into your success at quitting smoking.

Your social network has an important job to play in your success at finally becoming a non-smoker, and its function is two-fold.

First and foremost, your social network is a circle of people who care about you, your well-being, financial and physical health, and so forth, so they will be there to support you when the going gets rough, if it ever does. You can call them at any time to tell them what’s on your mind, and they will be supportive. If you have a relapse, you’ll have someone to count on and support you in your continued efforts to become a non-smoker. Once you have told them of your quit date, you can count on them not to smoke in your face or place you in uncomfortable situations, as far as smoking goes.

The second aspect of the importance of your social network is peer pressure. Once you have told every one you know that you are quitting smoking tobacco on a certain date, there is a certain pressure on you to live up to your word. If you fail, you will not only fail yourself, which is bad enough, but you will also fail in the eyes of everyone you’ve told. Of course since they are your friends and family, they will not think any less of you for failing, but notwithstanding that, you will want to make sure to make them proud.

Relapses Are Normal When Quitting Smoking Cigarettes

Knowing what to expect when quitting smoking cigarettes is one of the most important aspects of getting rid of this nasty and smelly habit. Everyone has a different experience when stopping smoking, but there are certain standards that almost every individual attempting to kick the habit can expect.

It is very important to be aware of the possibility of relapses when quitting smoking cigarettes. A relapse is defined as a temporary failure of your stop smoking endeavour, characterized by the consumption of one or several cigarettes over a defined period of time. A relapse can either lead to full blown cigarette smoking again, or be quickly ended by a surge of willpower, leading you to continue your efforts to stop smoking.

What is crucial to understand is that a relapse does not have to be a long term failure. Since almost everyone who quits smoking does not manage to do so on their first try, relapses are normal and expected for almost everyone who takes the courageous and beneficial decision to stop smoking.

When you feel a relapse coming on, don’t let it rule you. Remember the reasons that you gave yourself to stop smoking in the first place. They have not changed, and you should not let a temporary craving get in the way of your long term success. To avoid a relapse, be sure to involve all the resources you can muster in your quit smoking arsenal of tools. Shore up your willpower, contact friends and family and share your plight with them. You will be surprised to notice that as you tell them, your urge to smoke will certainly greatly diminish, to the point where a cigarette is no longer necessary.

Always be on your guard, and expect that you will be tempted with relapses of nicotine and tobacco; remember who’s in charge. You’re the one leading the charge, not nicotine. Don’t let it rule you.