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Help Yourself Quit Smoking Cigarettes

If you’ve been smoking for a while, you know that the very best thing to do for your health would be to quit smoking, but you’re afraid of trying. Your reasoning goes something like that: “As long as I don’t try, I could succeed, but if I do, I might fail”. You’re afraid to put your cards on the table with yourself, and to do what is right for you, for fear of failing.

The thing is that failing is perfectly acceptable. Not trying isn’t. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it wasn’t build by people with no skill. To succeed at quitting smoking, you must give yourself the right tools.

Help Yourself Quit SmokingThe Right Mental State – You have to convince yourself that quitting smoking is the right thing to do for you, and is in your best self-interest. Whether you do it to save money, to live longer, to have better breath, whatever it is, it has to be in YOUR BEST INTEREST.

The Right Mind Tools – Your mind tools are intimately related to your mental state. Whenever you have a craving or would kill for a cigarette, but yourself in a mental state, using your mind tools, that remind you exactly why you are in the situation you’re in.

The Right Support Group – Your support group are the people around you that love you and want you to succeed at quitting smoking. Ideally, having some ex-smokers in your group could be helpful as they could walk you through the rougher patches.

The Right Environment – Quitting smoking will be more difficult if you place yourself in physical environments where cigarettes and their noxious smell are very present. Make your own living area free of all things tobacco-related – ashtrays, lighters, et cetera, and of course, cigarettes.

Quitting smoking can be as easy, or as difficult as you want it to be. I’m willing to bet that you’d like it to be easy, so make the necessary choices to make this happen. Make the Right Choices and quitting smoking will be a relatively quick, relatively painless experience.

The Best Way to Quit Smoking

Everyone is trying to sell you the best way to quit smoking. Sure, I understand. Everyone’s got to make a living, and telling you how to quit smoking, in the most efficient way possible, is just as good a business as any other. I can’t say I disagree, since I run a website promoting quitting smoking, and I’m trying very hard not to do it for free.

That being said, I know that I can share with you the absolute best method to quit smoking, without risk. I know that because this, like most things in life, is easier said than done.

Quitting smoking is difficult when you feel like you are punishing yourself. Let’s face it, most people don’t like being punished! Well, except in certain circumstances which have little to do with smoking… But that’s neither here not there. To be successful at quitting smoking, without pain, without privation and definitely without any withdrawal symptoms, you have to understand something – and this is where it may get difficult.

You have to understand what smoking brings to you. Not what it does, or doesn’t do, what it literally brings to you.

What do you think smoking brings to you, as a person? Let’s go through a very short and definitely non-exhaustive list:

Cigarettes Help Me Relax – Hey dummy! They don’t help you relax. Non-smokers don’t need cigarettes to relax. The reason you’re stressed – that part of the stress, anyways – is because you’re jonesing for your tobacco fix. Cigarettes don’t help you relax. They cause the problem, and then alleviate it.

Cigarettes Are Awesome After a Meal – Look at this the other way around. Few people smoke while they eat, because even smokers agree that this is a disgusting thing to do. So smokers don’t smoke for a hour or so, and then surprise! That cigarette after the meal is so good. See above for why this is a crock.

Cigarettes are the Best after Sex – Once again, see above.

So what do cigarettes bring to you? Nothing. That’s it, absolutely nothing. Sure, they’re unhealthy and smell like crap, and they’re expensive, but nobody cares about that. A colleague of mine actually convinced himself that his cigarettes smell nice, and taste great with coffee. Have I got news for you, buddy.

Once you realize that you’re stinking up the joint for absolutely no reason, you’ll quit smoking. And realizing that IS the best way to quit smoking. You won’t miss it, won’t have cravings for cigarettes, nothing.

So here you go, the VERY BEST METHOD TO QUIT SMOKING, free. Now what are you going to do about it?

Plan Your Day to Quit Smoking Cigarettes Carefully

Picking a date for quitting smoking is a big event. That date will be the beginning of the rest of your life, the one day that will potentially extend your life by five, ten or even twenty years, depending on your level of cigarette consumption. Do not underestimate not only the significance of your quitting date, but also the planning that must go into it if you are to go to bed that night a non-smoker, not just someone who has failed, yet again, at quitting cigarettes.

Planning your big day is a multi-faceted business! First, you have to pick the date correctly. Not too close to the holidays, your birthday or some other celebration, not too far into the future and not tomorrow, either. Make sure that you pick your day to quit smoking cigarettes well to give you the maximum of chances to go through with your plan.

When planning for your big day, plan! Don’t just say that this is going the day that you quit smoking and leave everything to chance! Make sure you have plenty of bottled water, low-sugar fruit juices and low-calorie snacks at the house, or at the office if you plan on quitting smoking on a work day.

Moreover, make sure that you plan enough to keep you occupied. You may want to go somewhere where smoking isn’t allowed, such as the movies, or do an activity that is completely and physically impossible to do while smoking, like going for a bike ride, for example. Give your lungs a good workout, they need it!

Don’t overdo it on your quitting day, though. Give yourself a break and allow for plenty of time to rest. There will be plenty of opportunities in your non-smoking future for activities. The important thing is that on your quitting day, you don’t find yourself with too many idle moments, as they may lead back to smoking cigarettes.

Don’t Quit Smoking During the Holidays

It is a well-known fact to for many people, the fear of gaining weight when quitting smoking is a major impediment to them stopping smoking and enjoying a tremendously heightened quality of life. The sad reality is that gaining weight when quitting smoking is not a problem that affects everyone, and of those who are affected, the weight gain is very often minimal. Studies show that someone of average height and weight would need to gain over 120 pounds to nullify the positive effects of quitting smoking!

My point is that gaining weight when smoking is not a problem, even if it occurs, which is far from certain. Nevertheless, this fear needs to be addressed, since it seems to possess a great number of would-be non-smokers. Besides being aware of your general food consumption and cutting down on sugar before quitting smoking, certain steps can be taken to minimize your chances of gaining weight after quitting smoking.

One of the things that you control, no matter the program to quit smoking you are using, is the date at which you decide that enough is enough. If at all possible, try to chose a date far from any celebration, such as the Christmas holidays. This period is rife with temptation, and for most people, overeating. As you are quitting smoking, you want to be able to exercise control over all areas of your life in a way that will reduce temptation. Placing yourself in a position where there is great quantities of food and many opportunities to eat it will not help you avoid gaining weight!

Let me be clear, though: despite your possible fear of gaining weight, you should be even more fearful of smoking even just one more day. Any day that you quit is the right one, always. You’re better of quitting on Christmas morning if it’s what works for you. Gaining weight, as unpleasant as it may seem, is a lot better than keeping smoking!