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Cut Down on Smoking: Smoke Alone, In the Corner

Humans are social animals. In general, we crave the company of others; we enjoy conversation and the exchange of ideas. And despite being wedded to a killer habit, smokers are no different. We can all think of people we met when outside smoking cigarettes, people that we never would have met otherwise in circumstances that are unique to being a smoker. Well, time to blot out those pleasant memories and make new ones.

Smoking cigarettes in company is pleasant, and lets you focus on other things while you ingest your hourly dose of tar, nicotine, cyanide and God knows what else. From now on, resolve to smoke facing the wall, not talking to anyone. It’s easier said than done, I know, but if you are determined to one day be free of that crippling habit, it’s a good step to take, although no necessarily an unavoidable one.

When you get outside to smoke your cigarette, ignore all your smoking buddies. There’s no need to be rude about it, but don’t bother explaining, they’ll just suck you back in. Just turn around, facing a corner or the wall, and smoke with nothing for entertainment but the grey concrete wall in front of you and the smouldering cancer-stick in your hand.

If you manage to take out most of the social element of smoking cigarettes, you’ve already gone a long way towards your ultimate goal of being a non-smoker. Think about the times you smoke the most: these are invariably social occasions, perhaps accompanied by a drink or five! You weren’t born with a smoke in your hand, and believe it or not, non-smokers have things to do on their breaks, too. They don’t wish they were smoking a delicious cigarette, that’s for sure! Make a positive change in your life by smoking in a corner, concentrating on what exactly you are doing, which is poisoning yourself for no good reason.

Estimate Gifts in Terms of Cost of Packs of Cigarettes

Smoking is an expensive habit to sustain between the rising costs of the actual packs of cigarettes, the decorative ashtrays, the multiple lighters and other paraphernalia. But, we tell ourselves that the cost is worth it that the cost is minimal compared to the enjoyment that we get out of the act of smoking.

In order to make this cost more concrete, more real, try making a list of things that you want to buy for yourself or someone else and assign the cost in terms of packs of smokes instead of dollar values.

I like many other did not succeed on several occasions at becoming a non-smoker. My friends and family used to tell me to put the money I would save by not smoking in a jar and to accumulate it to see tangible results. However, this never worked for me; life got in the way and required those precious savings.

A more effective method that I have found that meets both needs is to evaluate those unexpected purchases, in terms of cigarettes and smoking accessories. For example, I know that certain months are pricier because of birthdays and anniversaries occurring within a short time span. So I started tracking the expenses in terms of packs of cigarettes. If I was going to spend on average 50$-60$ per person then that would imply 5-6 packs of cigarettes per person. The cost of going out to dinner was even more significant; if the dinner costs $100 for 2 people for the average week-end meal, this is equal to 10 packs of smokes. After a while, this simple act of tracking purchases in terms of cigarettes packs allowed me to quit smoking.

Estimating purchases in terms of the packs of cigarettes eventually was the driving factor in allowing me to get rid of the habit. And once I quit, I continued the habit of estimating the cost of stuff in terms of packs of cigarettes and it strengthened my resolve. Also, because I was no longer spending that money on cigarettes I could actually put it aside to buy those presents for my loved ones without any remorse or sense that the money was being pulled out of somewhere else.

Challenge Yourself not to Smoke Cigarettes for a Day

Quitting smoking cigarettes is as much a mind game as anything else. It is not about patches, gums, lozenges or other nicotine replacement systems, although for some people, these strategies will help them tremendously in their quest to become non-smokers. No, quitting smoking is a game that is played between your two ears, and at some point you have to up the ante and make decisions.

The best decision you can make, just before quitting, is to get up in the morning and decide you will not smoke cigarettes all day. It has to be a decision! Once the decision is made, all other possibilities stop existing, so there is no choice but to follow through with what you have decided, in this case, not smoking cigarettes all day.

Think about it. During the day, you smoke about a cigarette an hour, or more, whatever it is. During the night, as you are sleeping, you will go seven hours or more without smoking. Don’t think you don’t get nicotine cravings when you sleep, because you do! The fact it, they are not even powerful enough to wake you up! So if your sleeping self can shrug off nicotine cravings because it enjoys sleeping more than it does smoking, st stands to reason that you can do the same thing, consciously, for a single day?

I know that some people are indeed woken up by nicotine cravings, and light up a cigarette in the middle of the night. I was there for a while, but that is far from the majority of smokers.

In the quest to become a non-smoker, it is important to set up these battles between you and the cigarettes, and to win them. You may not win them all – no one does – but you must prove to yourself that you can do it. And you can! With the right tools and the right frame of mind, you’ll be surprised at how easy it’ll be!

Switch Cigarette Brands to Help Cut Down

There are many ways to lower your nicotine intake when you are getting ready to stop smoking. This will lessen the grip that nicotine has on you – or that you think it has – and make the process of quitting smoking a whole lot more pleasant, or rather less unpleasant, than it would have been otherwise.

A tried, tested and true method of smoking less, and thus reducing your nicotine intake, is to switch to a brand of cigarettes you find distasteful. Since you find them gross, you will smoke a lot less of them, while still smoking enough to maintain your nicotine addiction. It is, as they say, an addiction, and no matter how gross you find the new brand of cigarettes you’re smoking, if you keep smoking them for long enough, you will find that you actually enjoy them. I speak here as someone who has been down that road before!

This is why it is important to do the switch to the distasteful brand only a few short weeks before your immovable, fixed quit date. If you switch too long in advance, you will actually start to love the new disgusting cigarettes – that’s a fact, boys and girls! – and you will have switched to something you find gross for no reason.

As with all the recommendations I offer on this website, this way of doing things is not meant to specifically torture you. You have to keep you eyes on the ball and know that you will eventually stop smoking cigarettes, and you’ll be a better person for it. I know that sometimes you are so focused on the tree that it’s difficult to see the forest out there, but stopping smoking cigarettes is the real short, medium or long term goad here, and don’t you forget it!