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Eat Slowly and Control Your Portions

Many people would rather keep smoking than face the possibility that they may gain weight when they stop smoking. In reality, you may not even gain weight when you quit smoking, but that belief is so deeply ingrained in us that it is an instinctual fear. There are many strategies that can be used to make sure that you limit your weight gain as much as possible, and possibly skip it altogether!

Most of these strategies to limit your weight gain work around controlling your food intake. After all, you can’t make 10 pounds of fat with 1 pound of food, can you? But it is not enough to convince yourself you should eat less. We all know that. What you really have to do is alter your meal routine to fool yourself into thinking that you’ve already eaten plenty!

Once famous way to keep your food intake low is to take smaller portions, and the easiest way to do this is by using smaller plates. Using smaller plates, it will look like you are eating enormous portions when you are only eating a much as usual! Soon, you will adjust by reducing your portions a little. It doesn’t take much to make a difference when you’re trying to avoid weight gain after quitting smoking!

Controlling how quickly you eat will give time for your stomach to tell you’re brain you’re not hungry anymore, which is also very useful, in conjunction with reducing your portions. Simply put down your fork between each bite. Take your time; you’re not going to starve right in the middle of a meal!

Reducing your portions and eating at a statelier pace are excellent tools to help you control your weight after quitting smoking: they are simple to apply and will not leave you hungry or wanting.