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Practice Going without Cigarettes Before Quitting Smoking

When you are working yourself up to deciding on a date to finally quit smoking cigarettes for good, there are several steps that you take that will make quitting easier when you actually come up to the date, have to throw away your remaining cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays, and wash all you clothes to make sure they don’t smell anymore.

A very effective tool in your arsenal to get ready to quit is to practice going without cigarettes. This will allow you to learn to deal with cravings as they occur. Contrary to popular belief, nicotine cravings will not make you chew the rugs or climb the curtains like an insane cat! The worst that can happen is that you will really, really want a cigarette, and since you don’t have any, because you are practising to go without, you will have to make do.

What do to when you are practicing going without cigarettes and a craving hits you like a ton of bricks? Involve yourself in something else, for example, strike up a conversation, pick up a book or magazine, or even have a tall glass of ice-cold water. Drink it all in one go, and you’ll see that by the time you get to the bottom, your teeth will hurt so much from the cold you won’t be thinking about your cigarette!

Seriously, I’m kidding about the teeth hurting – although they may – but the idea is to change your mind. The typical nicotine craving lasts 2-5 minutes. That’s all you have to deal with. And since you haven’t quit yet, there’s no harm in deciding to bum a cigarette from a friend or co-worker if you feel like you really must.

The important thing is to keep going and to develop reflexes and mechanisms that you can use to your advantage once you have quit smoking.

Cut Down on Sugar Before Quitting Smoking

One of the greatest fears people have about quitting smoking is that they will gain weight in the aftermath of stopping smoking cigarettes. While it is true that many people report a modest weight gain after following a program to quit smoking, the weight gained is in general inconsequential in scope, and its long-term harmful effects pale in comparison to the the deadly consequences of smoking cigarettes.

In general, most new non-smokers will gain only a few pounds after quitting smoking. For almost everyone, this is something that is barely noticeable. Doctors even usually recommend to quit smoking first, and deal with the weight gain – if any – later, as it is comparatively not important.

That being said, there are several things you can do to avoid gaining weight when you quit smoking. The easiest and most effective, by far, is to learn to control your sugar intake before you quit smoking. Sugar, when not used as energy, turns into fat and is the leading cause of obesity in America; cutting down on sugar is a great thing to do for everyone, not just future non-smokers!

It is important to reduce your sugar intake before you quit smoking, as your body will get used to working with less sugar, and expecting a lot less. After a little while, you will no longer get sugar cravings. When you quit smoking, for most people it is very easy to fall into the sugar trap and stuff your face full of sugar as a means of coping with withdrawal. If you’ve already cut your sugar intake, you will no longer have that reflex, greatly limiting the weight gain that might occur as a result of stopping smoking.

Cutting down on sugar before you stop smoking is a great way to avoid the weight gain often associated with quitting smoking, and is a great thing to do, anyways. Your whole body will thank you!

Regular Exercise Will Help You Quit Smoking

Even though these articles are all about quitting smoking and staying quit, a little must be said of exercise. It should not be a surprise to anyone that regular exercise is essential to maintaining a good shape, but it can also help tremendously in quitting smoking, and even more importantly in the aftermath of stopping smoking, when cravings and possible weight gain can threaten to overwhelm you.

Quitting smoking is, whether we like it or not, a major lifestyle change for most non-casual smokers. Since it is very often quit difficult to make several major changes at the same time, it is important to start a regular exercise regimen before quitting smoking. Once you are regular in your attendance of fitness classes, the gym or martial arts, whatever tickles your fancy, you will quickly find yourself reaching a plateau, since smoking cigarettes puts breaks of physical effort and capability.

The odds are very good that you will be drawn to quitting smoking so that you can perform better at your sport or physical activity of choice, and that is the best scenario possible. Not only do you now have a regular exercise regimen, but the exercise itself is working on your psyche, telling you in effect that cigarettes are holding you back and that you could be performing a lot better, if only all that cigarette smoke wasn’t filling your lungs.

And I have news for you: when you do quit smoking, and continue your sport of choice, you will notice an overnight – literally overnight! – performance gain that will leave you flabbergasted! Cigarettes and physical effort do not go hand in hand, that is for certain, and you will enjoy your physical activities all the more if you do not feel like you are choking to death at every breath because of your nasty cigarette habit!

Have Realistic Expectations about Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking cigarettes for good is a process that is multi-faceted. It is not only a matter of getting rid of a nicotine addiction, or only a matter of breaking some habits that you may have developed, such as holding something in your hand or mouth. It is not only a matter of saying goodbye to some relationships that are based solely on mutual need to tobacco fulfilment – your smoking buddies at the office, for example.

Rather, it seems that stopping smoking cigarettes is a combination of all those factors. You must get rid of your nicotine addiction, of course, as it is the glue that holds everything else together, but that doesn’t mean that the other aspects of quitting smoking are going to come naturally. You will have to examine, in detail, every facet of your habits and mannerisms in a way that will allow you to root out anything tobacco or smoking related.

I’m telling you this because you need to have realistic expectations about quitting smoking cigarettes. For some people, it is only a matter of throwing away the cigarettes, deciding that you are now a non-smoker, and never smoke again, easy as that. I know some people that have quit like that, and have stayed quit for many years so far. Easy as pie. Unfortunately, for most people, quitting smoking is a process that is a little more involved. Relentless add campaigns by the new nicotine pushers – pharmaceutical companies – telling us that quitting smoking is near impossible without the help of their gums, lozenges or patches do not help the situation.

Just remember that over 3 million Americans quit smoking cigarettes each and every year. It is a process that is not necessarily easy, but neither is it impossible or as hard as you’ve been led to believe. Believe in yourself, keep with the program and you’ll do just fine.