Does Pamela Anderson Smoke Cigarettes?

Pamela Anderson is, by all accounts, one of the great beauties of our time. Best known for her iconic role in Baywatch, the blonde bombshell has made a few terrible movies – including Barbed Wire – and a couple of really good ones, although I won’t talk about them here, except to say that she did not wear much clothes in them. The question is, does Pamela Anderson smoke cigarettes, or ┬ánot?

Pamela Anderson Smoking Cigarettes

Pamela Anderson Smoking Cigarettes

According to the above picture, you could believe that she indeed does smoke cigarettes, but to be fair, that picture seems like it was taken 10 years ago or more. It is entirely possible that she may have stopped since then, and considering her health issues, and the fact that she has children to raise and – hopefully – be a positive example for, it would be a good thing.

Smoking cigarettes, even for celebrities like Pamela Anderson, is never a good thing; the only people who benefit are the ones selling the cigarettes. All the others are harmed, in one way or another. Not good.

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