Why Do Celebrities Smoke Cigarettes?

Imagine you have all the money you could ever want, all the public adoration and recognition anyone could want and that all your needs were fulfilled. Would you smoke cigarettes? The question as to why so many celebrities smoke, as they have all those things, boggles the mind! They have everything that anyone could want, and still are ruining their health and looks by smoking cigarettes!

If I had all those riches, I would make sure that I live as old as I possibly can to enjoy them, so why don’t they? The reason that celebrities smoke is because, just like you or me or most other people, they are human. They have failings and faults, just like everyone, and just like everyone, they are susceptible to addiction.

The nicotine demon really doesn’t care how much money you have, or how many people love you. All that matters to it is that you puff on cancer sticks. And in this, ordinary people and celebrities are exactly the same.

Of course, celebrities have a responsibility to lead by example, even if most of them won’t acknowledge it, or even will actively deny it. Smoking celebrities, and the fact that smoking is very often positively portrayed in movies and television, encourage people to smoke. Young people will be encouraged to start smoking, and older folks will look at celebrities who smoke and will be confirmed in their belief that if they do it, then on some level it must be Ok.

For the sake of their own health, as well as ours, celebrities who smoke should do so away from the public eye, and should be encouraged by their fans to kick this nasty and deadly habit.

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