Does Tara Reid Smoke Cigarettes?

It certainly looks like Tara Reid smokes cigarettes in real life, perhaps not all the time, but enough so that there are many candid pictures of her smoking cigarettes. But we can’t really say we’re surprised, can we? Her botched plastic surgery came about because she wanted a six-packĀ (her abs, not beer) for a movie, and figured that liposuction was the best way to get it. With smart, long-term thinking like that, I’m not surprised she smokes.

Tara Reid Smoking Cigarettes

Tara Reid Smoking Cigarettes

Seriously Tara, get your stuff together, quit smoking cigarettes and stop thinking that surgery is an appropriate way to lose weight. That is so dumb I don’t really know where to start. Check out the Slim9 weight loss pills, instead, for real results that don’t require surgery.

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