The Best Way to Quit Smoking

Everyone is trying to sell you the best way to quit smoking. Sure, I understand. Everyone’s got to make a living, and telling you how to quit smoking, in the most efficient way possible, is just as good a business as any other. I can’t say I disagree, since I run a website promoting quitting smoking, and I’m trying very hard not to do it for free.

That being said, I know that I can share with you the absolute best method to quit smoking, without risk. I know that because this, like most things in life, is easier said than done.

Quitting smoking is difficult when you feel like you are punishing yourself. Let’s face it, most people don’t like being punished! Well, except in certain circumstances which have little to do with smoking… But that’s neither here not there. To be successful at quitting smoking, without pain, without privation and definitely without any withdrawal symptoms, you have to understand something – and this is where it may get difficult.

You have to understand what smoking brings to you. Not what it does, or doesn’t do, what it literally brings to you.

What do you think smoking brings to you, as a person? Let’s go through a very short and definitely non-exhaustive list:

Cigarettes Help Me Relax – Hey dummy! They don’t help you relax. Non-smokers don’t need cigarettes to relax. The reason you’re stressed – that part of the stress, anyways – is because you’re jonesing for your tobacco fix. Cigarettes don’t help you relax. They cause the problem, and then alleviate it.

Cigarettes Are Awesome After a Meal – Look at this the other way around. Few people smoke while they eat, because even smokers agree that this is a disgusting thing to do. So smokers don’t smoke for a hour or so, and then surprise! That cigarette after the meal is so good. See above for why this is a crock.

Cigarettes are the Best after Sex – Once again, see above.

So what do cigarettes bring to you? Nothing. That’s it, absolutely nothing. Sure, they’re unhealthy and smell like crap, and they’re expensive, but nobody cares about that. A colleague of mine actually convinced himself that his cigarettes smell nice, and taste great with coffee. Have I got news for you, buddy.

Once you realize that you’re stinking up the joint for absolutely no reason, you’ll quit smoking. And realizing that IS the best way to quit smoking. You won’t miss it, won’t have cravings for cigarettes, nothing.

So here you go, the VERY BEST METHOD TO QUIT SMOKING, free. Now what are you going to do about it?

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