How To Regain Stamina After You Quit Smoking

One of the greatest motivators there are out there to help you quit smoking is the knowledge that almost overnight, you’ll be able to feel 10 or more years younger, simply by being able to breathe normally. The fact that you will regain stamina after you quit smoking is indisputable, however there are a few things you can do to maximize the speed at which you’ll recover.

Quit Smoking – I know it sounds stupid, but you have to quit smoking. For real. As in no more cigarettes, even at parties, or if you’ve had a drink, or a tough day at the office. Be certain that you have gotten rid of the nasty nicotine habit completely. This is crucial to regaining your stamina.

Eat a Proper Diet – When quitting smoking, many people compensate by gorging on unhealthy foods, or on healthy stuff in insane amounts! Don’t be one of them. You are in control of your appetite, and you’re not hungrier now than you were before. Having the proper nutrients is essential to rediscovering your stamina and health. Remember, your body is like a high performance car: you don’t feed it just anything, only premium!

Exercise – Now I know, from personal experience, that it can be pretty rough to start exercising again after a long period of smoking and general laziness! The idea is not to go to fast so that you would get discouraged. Take it one day at a time, increasing if possible the level and intensity of your exercise every day or every week. Because you are no longer smoking and eating a proper diet, the results from your exercises will be exponentially multiplied, or at least it’ll feel that way.

Eventually, and it won’t take long, you’ll be able to climb stairs you never could as a smoker, or even take up a competitive sport. Who knows? Know that you are no longer shackled to cigarettes, there is nothing holding you back! Regaining your stamina after you quit smoking is deceptively fast, and this will encourage you to pursue your efforts!

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