Why do People Smoke Cigarettes?

People usually start smoking in their teens. However, this trend appears to be changing. With increased awareness, decreased accessibility to the product and the inconvenience of not being able to have a cigarette in public places leads to a smaller appeal for youth. Despite the downward trend, there are still teens that choose to start to smoke. Teenage smokers have different reasoning than older smoker.

Smokers in their teens smoke to fit in. Teenagers test limits. Teenagers smoke to rebel. Teens smoke because of peer pressure to stay thin. On average, smokers weigh seven pounds less than non-smokers do. The when and why people start smoking is important sociologically but why do they keep smoking?

First people keep smoking because they are addicted to it. Did you know that coffee and chocolate also contain trances of nicotine? Why are people not as addicted to chocolate or coffee? When you inhale cigarette smoke, the nicotine levels peak within ten seconds, which is why the association between smoking a cigarette and the pleasant calmness that washes over you is so strong. This is also the reasons for needing an increasing number of cigarettes in order to feel normal.

People smoke out of habit. Many smokers have established a certain routine for smoking. Some smoke when they are anxious, bored, stressed, happy, celebrating or for no reason at all. Think about it. You get in the car and light a smoke in the morning before even leaving the driveway. These habits are often what prevent smokers from being non-smokers. Many smokers believe that life is not possible without the joys of cigarette inhalation.

Why do people smoke? Over time, the brain chemistry of a smoker change. Nicotine provides that boost of energy required to accomplish your daily tasks. Smokers smoke because of stress, anxiety, depression, love, loss, and any other excuse to light up. People smoke because it takes them out of the moment, and because smoking makes you feel good.