Quit Smoking and be a Role Model for Others

If you are thinking about quitting smoking, just do it. Do not rely on other people. I agree, quitting smoking will create temporary adverse effects such as dizziness, mood swings, and cravings. But, these effects are temporary. If you quit every time something was hard, where would you be today? Stick to your guns, do not give in. Quit smoking today and be the role model that other’s look to for strength. Quit smoking and set a positive example for those around you.

If you are a father or father, quit smoking and set an example for your kids. Children are perceptive and absorb everything they see and hear, especially at young ages. Children see the stop smoking ads, children hear the wheezing ladies at the grocery store, children see their grand-mother detach themselves from their oxygen tank in order to be able to smoke a cigarette. By quitting smoking and making the resolution to be a non-smoker to can give your kids valuable lessons. Talking to your kids about your experience with cigarettes; how you started, why you had trouble stopping, the addiction will make it less likely that they too will fall victim to the habit.

We all know someone who has been trying for years to quit smoking but always seem to lack the follow through. Psychological dependence is tough to break. Stop smoking today and be a positive example for that person. By stopping smoking, you can be the person that others turn to for motivation. Imagine how empowered you will be when your close friends and family use you are their motivation. Quit smoking and be the solid rock others look to for strength.

Once you quit smoking, you can become a stop smoking advocate in your community. By getting involved in your community you can, not only set a positive example but also help people by sharing your experiences. Common experiences will bond you with others in your community and you could be the trigger that sets the course for positive change in someone’s life.

Quit smoking for yourself first but also quit smoking for your kids, family, friends and community.