Bust Cravings in 5 Minutes or Less

Smokers and ex-smokers alike can all relate to the nagging feeling of a craving. Whether you are trying to quit or simply trying to incorporate delay tactics everyone can benefit from 5 minute craving busters. Cravings begin to kick in as soon as you put out your cigarette. Smoking intervals are different for most people. But, it is not always obvious to sneak out for a smoke break. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to breeze through the cravings? We’re here to help you bust through your cravings in under 5 minutes.

The easiest way to get through a craving is to go for a mental holiday. This quick craving buster does not require any special equipment, and is not time consuming. This may seem silly at first, and you may have to fight the temptation to laugh or not follow through. Visualisation is a proven relaxation technique that has been used for many applications. Try it and you will see for yourself. Picture your happy place, visualise your child’s first steps or a simpler time in your life. This technique takes less than five minutes and is sure to get you through the craving.

Call a friend. When quitting smoking, relapses are a recurring reality. Having a dependable support network or specific person, you know that you can count on any time you are feeling weak is crucial. Knowing that someone has your back, knowing that someone cares whether or not you succeed is valuable. But, obviously it is your goal primary goal not there’s.

Go for a walk. Cravings are a pain. When quitting smoking walk at a brisk pace for five minutes. This is a quick technique that helps to change your thought patterns and can quickly distract you from the desire to smoke. Walking provides an escape from your current environment and provides you with increased oxygen to your lungs.

Take deep breathes. Often the benefit we perceive from smoking is actually caused by the forced deep breaths we take when inhaling. So instead of inhaling toxic chemicals, try just taking deep breaths. You will see that you will feel relaxed quickly and return to a calm state in under five minutes.

5 minutes is all it takes to bust through your cravings. Do you have the time?