Becoming Smoke Free

Becoming smoke free is the goal of most current smokers in the short term, and of all smokers in the long term. Living with the debilitating effects of long term cigarette smoking can be a killer, literally!

Being smoke free is more than just not smoking cigarettes. Anybody can do that! Being smoke free is knowing in your heart that you have forever thrown off the shackles of cigarette and nicotine addiction. You can become smoke free an hour after your last cigarettes, and on the other hand, you can stop smoking for years, and still nothing but a smoker who denies himself cigarettes.

This is by far the worst, because as a non-smoker who is not smoke-free, you will always want to smoke cigarettes, no matter how long you have quit smoking. This is real torture! You must strive to reach the level and truly become smoke free.

What can you do to really become smoke free? There are several paths. The most important thing is to actually stop consuming tobacco products Not just cigarettes, but inhalers, patches, cigars, everything.

Once you have cut the bond between your brain and nicotine, you can work on becoming smoke free. One day, you too will smell the stench of cigarettes and be rightfully disgusted!

Being smoke free means that you understand, and know in your heart, not just in your head, the dangers of addiction. Thinking smoke free means that you will never, ever consume nicotine as long as you live because it brings you nothing but the desire to ingest more nicotine, perpetuating the circle of addiction.

Becoming smoke free is the best decision anyone can make since that fateful day when you smoked your first cigarette. Start undoing years of damage, say no to addiction, and keep your money and your health!

2 thoughts on “Becoming Smoke Free

  1. Samantha

    You speak as if you have experienced the true struggle of quitting smoking. Becoming smoke free implies more of an attitude than the actual event of non-smoking. However, even if you have the mind set even if yuo become ”smoke-free”, there is no free pass. Smokers experience at varying degrees, pangs of cravings throughout their lives. Smoke-free in absolute terms as you have described seems a bit idealistic.

  2. Daniel

    It’s not difficult to truly realize the difference between being a non-smoker and being smoke-free. It’s tougher to actually do it, since it requires not only that you be in the right place in your mind, but also in your body, that enough time has passed – for some people. For others, becoming smoke-free is a matter of minutes.

    Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have about becoming smoke-free, I’ll be happy to help.

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