Cleaning your Windows is a great motivation to Quit Smoking!

One morning, I over-anticipated the morning traffic and got to work quite a bit early. One hour to kill. I looked the car, I didn’t bring a book, I didn’t bring my sketch book. What could I do to kill 45 minutes? I couldn’t just sit in my car and smoke the whole time, could I?

It had been a couple of days that I had been experiencing some trouble seeing out the windows and had been meaning to book an optometrist appointment. I called in to the optometrist office and left a message with my availability. That’s five minutes killed, now what?

I drove over to my local Canadian tire and bought some cleaning supplies. I was way behind on my cleaning schedule anyway. I still remember that morning, it was one of the first times, I cleaned the windows in my car. At the time, I was still in the habit of smoking with the windows closed and my commute to work was on average one hour. I sprayed the window with Windex and wiped it down with paper towel. Gross. The tar building was so thick on the windows that I had to use nearly half the roll. I targeted one strip at the time. I was amazed at how thick the build-up had gotten. I was shocked to see the damage. I was surprised by how black the accumulation on my windshield was. I had only been driving the car for a couple of months. If there was such a thick build-up on my windshield, imagine the damage I was doing to my body. Awful, I got in that evening with the resolve that I would stop smoking in the car.

Next spring came along, and it was time to clean the windows in my new apartment, and it was same story. From then on, I vowed to only smoke in well ventilated areas. So, if I did give in to my vice, I would either smoke outside and/or made a regular commitment to cleaning thoroughly everywhere including the carpets and windows. The clean smell was a motivation. No-one is perfect but we try. I am assured that if you clean those nicotine stained windows often enough you will want to rid yourself of your cigarette addiction and never look back through those darkened windows again.