Smoking Exposes Your Kids to Second-Hand Smoke

If everything we did happened in a vacuum, in many aspects life would be sweet indeed. No need to ever take responsibility for our actions, and no need to ever see the consequences of said actions. No consequences, no guilt, no regrets. Except that thankfully, life does not work that way. The addiction to nicotine and the need to smoke cigarettes to fulfill that habit has consequences. It has consequences for you, which you already know: loss of enjoyment of life, financial strain, being out of shape and out of breath, and potentially developing life-threatening and very often deadly diseases and conditions.

But what are the consequences of your smoking cigarettes to your loved ones? To put it in very stark and material terms, smoking cigarettes over the long term costs more than college education for one or several of your kids. Assuming you can afford both to smoke and send your kids to college, everything is not so rosy, especially not your kid’s lungs.

Inhaling, against their will, the smoke from your cigarettes as you exhale it or is it curls up from one of the many smelly ashtrays around the house, is nothing short of dangerously negligent.

The science regarding second-hand smoke is not nearly as settled as many would have you believe. It is not certain to second hand smoke is concentrated enough to cause lasting damage. But seriously, we’re talking about our kids, our wives, our husbands, our friends. These are the people that we love the most, are we going to risk even for an instant their health over “maybe” and “not proven” and “inconclusive evidence”? That would seem callous to the extreme.

And even it is ever proven that second-hand is perfectly harmless, exposing your children to cigarettes at an early age might convince them, on some level, that smoking is somehow OK to do, despite your protests, and they just might take it up when they get old enough. Is the knowledge that your kids are now cigarette smokers worth it?